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beautiful weather, a court case and summer dresses #LittleLoves

Not quite as a late as it has been, but I am still a little late with this week’s LittleLoves. The reason this time is that the quick make to update the bears blind in her room literally took most of Sunday rather than it being the few hours work it was supposed to be. More on that later!

So last week – what a glorious one it’s been!  We’ve been out and about enjoying the weather and getting as much vitamin D as possible before it all dissapeared again. We’ve had visits to friends for newborn cuddles, trips to the zoo and lots of fun in the back garden just enjoying the weather. Here’s a few of my favourites of the past week:

LittleLoves round up in pictures

On to my LittleLoves for last week.


Yeah….it’s been a bad week for reading!  I’m still working my way through Accidental Damage but I’m almost done, and in preparation I’ve got a nice healthy pile to start working on from the library.


I’ve done some serious binge watching in the past week and ploughed my way through The People vs OJ Simpson on Netflix.  I was in secondary school when it all took place so I was aware but couldn’t remember the details. How on earth he got away with it I do not know and I’d love to know what those jurers thought in the months and years that followed their decision. It really does go to show how flawed the legal system is.

LittleLoves watched - the people vs OJ Simpson

It’s a really good watch though so if you’ve not caught it yet, I recommend catching up on it.


Katy Perry Fireworks …. a lot!! One of the Bears favourite films is Madagascar 3 – or ‘Afro Circus’ as she calls it – and Fireworks is the main song from it. She loves to dance to it and calls it ‘boom boom boom’. So cute!


I’ve not been making a lot recently – something I need to get back onto soon but I did manage to ‘make’ (or at least cover) the Bears blind in her room.  We’re in the middle of decorating her room as it’s looking a little tired compared to Henry’s and is still the gender neutral design we chose when I was pregnant.  As she’s turned into such a little girl, it was time to make it a little more pretty! Full pictures along with hints and tips will follow once it’s complete.

LittleLoves Made - the bears blind covered

The Bear also made this beautiful Easter garden at play group this week. Such a wonderful activity you literally fill a tub with soil and then using cut flowers, let them create their gardens. She absolutely loved it and did it all herself. Mama just had to help with making sure the flowers were all pushed down far enough.

LittleLoves Made - the Bears Easter Garden

Finally we made these Easter egg biscuits this week too – another great little activity for passing away an hour or two if you’re stuck for ideas this holiday break.


Dresses again! I finally gave in and ordered and few dresses that fit right now rather than the size I want to be. That’s unfortunately happening a lot slower than I originally wanted but summer is here and I’m sick of wearing boots, leggings and big baggy tops. Therefore, the flip flops and dresses are out!


This is the hubbys last week off work as part of his additional paternity leave and it will be hard on us all when he goes back as it’s been lovely all being home together more. The kids will really miss him like mad.

However, I may finally be able to get more than a few hours work done in the week as all being in the home together is also extremely distracting!

LittleLoves - my boys

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  1. I’ve got the OJ Simpson programme on my to watch list. I bet it’s fascinating.
    Hope you’re having a good week xx

  2. I love the Easter garden, what a great idea. I’m starting to thing about updating Olivia’s room even though it was only done just over a year a go.

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