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Being in the moment without planning for the next

So, we’re more than two weeks into the year and this is my first post. For some reason things just haven’t clicked for me this year yet. But do you know what, it’s ok not to be ok.


Now don’t be mis-led. There is nothing wrong per se as in the big stuff, but that being said my writing mojo seems to have taken a hike and I’ve no idea where it’s pissed off to. That’s left me doing everything except write for the last two weeks. Honestly, my house has never been so clean.

So, we all know I haven’t been writing therefore, what have I been doing?


I’ve actually stepped away from work at home which means that I’ve been free to really enjoy the kids. I’ve not been in a rush to get back to do something, to log on to write a post, or pick up my phone to answer emails. Instead I’ve been watching them have fun and have enjoyed every moment.


Evenings are usually my time to work. To catch up and actually create some content. That doesn’t leave a lot of time for much else. However, the last few weeks I’ve spend my evenings reading, watching TV and just spending time with Papa Bear.

I’ve planned meals, started a skincare routine and made an effort with my hair. Something that would have been unheard of last year.

Sadly this can’t last. After all, I do need to start earning seeing as the last time I checked, the bank didn’t take buttons for mortgage payments. However, I have taken a few things from the past few weeks:

  • To enjoy the current moment rather than plan for the next.
  • To build work into part of my day so I can free up some evenings.
  • Know the limits of what I can do and accept them for what they are.

So, I may not have ‘worked’ over the past few weeks, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t learnt anything. In the meantime, if you see my mojo somewhere on your travels, feel free to send it back my way.

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