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Business As Usual – Living Arrows 8/52

Here I am back with Living Arrows!!

It’s already week 8 of the linky and this is my first time taking part this year. I wanted to try something new during 2018 but the truth is that I missed writing this little update each week. The idea was to have a larger weekly update each week but the truth is that for some reason I just haven’t been able to find the time to do that. So here we are, back with a little snap shot of where our Bears are right now so I can look back on it in years to come.

This weeks pictures is a mixed bag of random shots that pretty much matches what we we’re up to last week.


Someone is currently 3 going on 13 and has the attitude to match it. One minute she’s a loving little lady that loves you, and the next moment she “can’t like you sooooo much” and is throwing the mother of all tantrums. This picture was taken at my brothers house in the week. They are both absolutely loving having him living so close to us now and this little lady spends all our visits competing for his attention, cuddling him tight and giving Rosie-Bear – his dog – plenty of love. Whether she wants it or not.


He’s been struggling this week. Three more teeth are pushing through and causing him issues. Hands in the mouth, loss of appitite and a very sore bum makes for an unhappy little man. He’s a trooper though and one has already popped through so hopefully the rest will give him a break soon. His picture was taken just outside our house as we were getting in the car. He was having a little meltdown with real tears because he wanted his picture taken in front of the tree (one of our regular shooting spots). As soon as I took the shot, he was instantly happy again. Such a bloggers son this one.

Living Arrows
“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Oh how gorgeous are they! Hope his Teething settles soon x

  2. Ugh teeth, Robin is teething at the minute and is waking up all the time at night (but amazingly sleeps fine in the day!) and tantrums.. toddlers are such a handle sometimes x

  3. They both have the most gorgeous eyes! How beautiful they are!

  4. I don’t miss the terrible three’s or teething to be honest, but the blogger’s son smile is lovely #livingarrows

  5. I know I say this a lot, but your children are just the cutest things!!

  6. My son is having painful days and nights because of his teeth as well . They fell off and now new ones are peaking out. He cant eat some of his fave food at the moment and he gets so frustrated with that.

    Gorgeous and clear photos you have!


  7. Ah there is a reason they call it the “threenager” stage! Oh poor little guy hope the torment of teething eases up soon! X #livingarrows

    1. tippytupps says:

      Yes. I definitely learning that with our little threenager!! Thank goodness they’re cute.

  8. Teeth are pants aren’t they? I hope they come through quickly and stop giving him trouble. That attitude too – Athena stinks of it at the moment and she’s only 6, they’re being teenagers so early! x

  9. They are so adorable – great pictures!
    Britt |

  10. Teething can be so horrid I hope he’s doing better now.

  11. These are lovely pictures – it’s funny how little ones can change there mood from tears to smiles like flipping a switch can’t they? #LivingArrows

  12. I love how happy the munchkins are in your photos! So cute!

  13. Precious photos x

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