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Dear Darcie – birthday edition

Dear Darcie

You are now 2 years old and have grown to be a headstrong, funny, clever and beautiful little girl.  No longer a baby in any way, you astound us with your humour and how bright you are each day, though your temper is quite formidable and the tantrums are something we would happily go without.  You turned 2 in the past week and this is how we celebrated.


Your birthday was on a Friday this year so you had your ballet lesson in the morning which you love so we didn’t want to miss it.  Daddy came along too as he was off work to celebrate your special day which you loved.  Afterwards we went to Mattel Play in Liverpool where you spent the afternoon playing with Thomas the Tank Engine, Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam – you loved it!!  Your favourite bits were tending to the farm in Thomas world, building the wall in Bob the Builder and shopping in the supermarket in Fireman Sam’s section.

We then came home and you ended the day opening up some  of your presents.  You had that many though it actually took you until the end of the day on Monday (4 days) to open them all as you loved playing with each and everything gift you received before moving onto the next one.



On Saturday we celebrated with friends and family by having a little party at home. Nothing big yet as you still don’t like big groups of people, especially when you are the centre of attention therefore this year we had just a few friends plus grandparents come to join us. So three little friends came along; Tilly, Amber and Florence along with their mummies and daddies and all your grandparents and Uncle Boyd who luckily for us was in the area.  Unfortunately your other friends Jessica and Orla couldn’t make it as they were poorly. We had sandwiches and cake as well as lots of other treats.

The cake was a jungle theme and although mummy used the wrong kind of flour when she made it, it came out well and it tasted nice which is the most important thing.  You as well as your friends enjoyed gobbling down a nice big slice!

Although you knew everyone, you still found it a little overwhelming as you at one point took yourself off to the utility room for a little time out. I came to check you were alright but I received a stern “no mummy” as you shut the door.  5 minutes later you were back out though and ready to play with everyone again so the uneasiness was obviously short lived.

Overall you had a wonderful day but a long one as the first guests arrived at 10:45 and the last ones left at 4pm but you were happy all the way through, though within 30 minutes of everyone leaving you were fast asleep; all partied out.



Unfortunately you were poorly again which seems to happen every year on your birthday though this time it was only a cold. So on Sunday we went swimming where Henry had his first every swim with you which he must have enjoyed as by the end he was fast asleep in the pool! We then ran some errands but you were a very unhappy little girl so we headed home and spent the rest of the day in the house playing with all your new toys to finish off your birthday weekend.

So happy birthday Darcie-Bear.  It’s been wonderful seeing you grown into the amazing little girl you have become and we promise to treasure every day come tantrum or smiles!

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