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Dear Henry – on your third birthday

Dear Henry

Three years ago today you came along and completed our little family.

Arriving in a rather dramatic way, I was not prepared for how much I would love you. It’s true what they say. As a mother your capacity to love only grows with each child and you my darling boy, are a very easy child to love. Full of smiles and generous with your cuddles, you are a ray of sunshine, even on the cloudiest of days. That’s not to say you don’t have a temper though, you are my son after all.

This year has seen you grow into yourself more. Your confidence has grown and there is no denying that you know your own mind. You still have only two speeds – on or off – and it seems I spend my whole day asking you to slow down.


There are two things that have a firm hold on your heart at the moment. Dinosaurs and trains. You can usually be found carrying around at least one and you love to play and make them speak to each other. In fact, when asked at the moment what you want to be when you grow up, you inform us that you want to dig up dinosaur bones!

With that in mind, your favourite things to watch are The Good Dinosaur, the Toy Story films and ‘choo choo train bideos’ on YouTube. However, above all of that you just love to be outside. You’re the kind of kid who is happiest when muddy and so I’ve learnt to take at least one spare change of clothes with us when we go on adventures. It can be a beach, the forest, a river, a farm….you name it. Wherever you are it doesn’t matter, you’re just happy to be outside and exploring.

Your favourite books are The Lion Inside, Stomp Chomp Big Roars, 10 Little Dinosaurs and Tyrannosaurus Drip. You know most of them by heart now, but you never tire of reading them.


The fussy phase has most certainly arrived, so you dislike most food unless it’s ‘treats’, chips or sausage. You lament us on a regular basis for adding ‘yucky bits’ to your pasta and rice so mealtimes can be a bit of a challenge. That being said, you do like your food so can usually be encouraged to try most things. Unless it’s a vegetable of course. I’ve still not managed to get you to eat anything green!

You still don’t like to be told off (which is a good thing!) so simply being told that you’re being naughty is enough to upset you and want a cuddle. You’re a sensitive little soul who flourishes over praise. Your little face when it lights up on being told you’re a good boy is a delight to see.


Two was a big year for you. You went from a toddler into a real little boy. Your language is amazing now and you have full confident conversations with anyone that will speak with you. Listening to you and your sister chat away together is wonderful and you are clearly the best of friends. When you’re not fighting that is!!

You’re a fairly quiet and gentle soul but that doesn’t mean that you’re shy. In fact, you’re happy to get stuck in and play with whomever is around. You still very much love your mama but these days I don’t get much of a look in during the day as you are either all about daddy or off having adventures on your own. You don’t need your mummy holding you back! Once you get tired it’s a different story though as you become all about the mummy. I have to admit that I love it though, the way you nuzzle in for cuddles is so special.

Happy birthday by beautiful boy. 3 is going to be a big age for you as you start pre-school in September, and I have no doubt make plenty of friends to keep us all busy. I couldn’t be prouder of the boy you are becoming. The kindness and love I see flowing from you every day makes my heart burst.

You are my sunshine little man. Please never change.

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  1. Happy birthday Henry, love Grumpy xxx

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