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Our Lockdown Life: week three

The rainbows are up!!

It’s taken us until week three to finally get our rainbow in the window because … well to be honest the kids just weren’t feeling it until now. With so much up in the air at the moment I am aware that the kids must be feeling unsettled by everything and I’m just not sweating the small stuff.

However, it was worth the wait. With just a little bit of help from me to mark out the first rainbow lines, they unleashed their creativity and finished the rest of it. Henry had a great time following the lines and picking his favourite colours whereas the Bear ensured there was both rain and sunshine – after all that’s what makes a rainbow – as well as adding us as family. Completely unprompted. Needless to say, I love it!

I also started my furlough leave from work this week. It feels so surreal to go. Almost like I was leaving the company but not actually going. A kind of limbo which is what I guess the world feels like it’s in right now. Although I am of course worried about the future and what it means when I go back, it’s also a bit of a relief too. Although I only work part time, it was a struggle trying to juggle it all with the kids at home too.

This was a pretty important week in our family too for another reason. The Bear lost her first tooth. I swear she was born about 6 months ago and now she’s losing her baby teeth. Our little girl is growing up so quickly and whereas time is going rather slowly in lockdown, other things seem to be speeding up.

Finally, we finished out the week with Easter. I have always loved Easter. The promise of things to come and new beginnings. Granted things are very different this year, but I do have a feeling of hope that this too shall pass.

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