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Our Lockdown Life: week two

It’s been an interesting week. Not only have we finished our second week in semi-lockdown, but we have also moved from March into April. I can’t believe that 4 weeks ago we were worried about the level of flooding across the UK, and we were watching the Bear in her first dance show. Now fast forward a month and we are living under some quite massive restrictions.

To say that life is a little surreal at the moment is an understatement.

We’re still feeling ok. The kids get it and have stopped asking to visit their friends every 5 minutes. There have been a few meltdowns but nothing too bad. As Henry said to the Bear today: “you’re doing my nut in!”. That kind of says in all!

Although there have been a few downs, I wanted to share some of the positives from the past week though. As much for the memories as my sanity.


We’ve lived where we do for almost 5 years now. Although we know the area we live in, we’ve not really explored it that much on foot. We are incredibly lucky that we live rural and can be in the lanes away from everyone and everything in a matter of minutes. So, this week we have done exactly that. Every few days we’ve stretched our legs for some real exercise and explored the lanes both by foot and on two wheels.

Every time we do, I feel incredibly blessed to live where we do. Not only are we able to very easily keep to the 2m rule, but we very rarely see any people at all. I feel very privilaged to be in this position as I know so many people across the country do not have this luxury.

It’s something we will not be taking for granted.


I’ve seen it written in so many places that while we will most likely look back on this time as a period when we worried about health and finances, there are a generation of children that will remember this as possibly the best spring of their lives. A spring where there was no school, life slowed down, there was no work and they had their parents all to themselves.

It struck us over the weekend that this was the longest period of time we have spent together none stop since the children were born. We plan to maximise that time and enjoy it as a family.

Now don’t get me wrong, as time goes on and our four walls start to feel smaller that may get harder to do, but we can but try.


We took the plunge this week and downloaded Zoom. First up was a ‘quick’ catch up with some of my fellow bloggers which turned into a 3-hour chat where we spoke about everything and nothing and put the world to right.

Inspired by how well it went, we followed up with a catch up with friends the following evening. This is the group of people that are at every big event in mine and my children’s lives and it was bloody great to see their faces and chat again. What’s App does a lot, but it’s just not the same as a really good ‘face to face’ chat is it?

And that’s our week. Overall, it’s been a good one even if it is starting to feel a little like groundhog day now!

Stay safe, stay home and of course wash your hands.

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