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Our week in moments 2020 | week 36

A bank holiday followed by a few final days of freedom. This week has been a big one as our time at home finally came to an end and we took a few tentatve steps towards what our new normal will look like.

Here are a handful of the little moments that made up my week.


A bank holiday weekend meant for an impromptu weekend away in the caravan. All the better because it was unplanned. we only went 90 minutes up the road in Staffordshire, but it was lovely just to be away.


The days were certainly long but the weeks short during lockdown and here we are almost 6 months later heading back to school. Something that we have all been looking forward to, but now it’s here, it feels too soon.

They’re ready though and they need everything that school brings to their lives. Typically though, it rained on the first school run in 6 months!


They were muddy and they were wonderful. As this week was the beginning of a phased return to school for the Bears, we managed to squeeze in a few final adventures before I lose them back in school. A highlight had to be a visit to Attingham Park on Friday to meet up with a friend I haven’t seen for years. There was mud (so much mud!) and they had the best time! 

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