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This Weeks Inspiration | week 49

Look closely, the beautiful may be small.

Immanuel Kant

Inspired by Kant, my Passion Planner this week encouraged me to “find beauty in the mundane, the sophistication in the simple, and the miraculousnature of the present moment.”

I love these little quotes and directions for inspiration that my planner gives me each week and I do try my best to use them to instill a little bit of mindfulness into my week. This weeks prompt was amazing for doing exactly that.

Here are a handful of the moments which stood out for me this week:

  • The cold frost as it clung to fallen leaves.
  • The childish joy of our breath on a cold winter morning.
  • Pausing to appreciate an amazing parents evening for Henry. Despite it being such a strange year and starting school full time in September, he is thriving in school and I couldn’t be more proud of him.
  • Appreciating the last few days of furlough before starting back at work after 8 months at home. Something I am finally able to do once therewas an end in sight.
  • The look my child’s face when they have seen that their elf has moved again.
  • Picking and decorating our Christmas tree

It’s amazing the little things you notice when you’re pausing to take a look around you.

Why not make a note of the little things that stand out for you this week.

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