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get outdoors and get mucky! 40/52

This weeks pictures chosen to represent and celebrate my childrens childhood were taken at our local National Trust property. We try and use our membership as much as we can and are very lucky to have a few really great properties with some fantastic grounds for the kids nearby.

Living Arrows 40/52


This girl is at a stage where she just amazes me every single day! Usually shy to try anything new, recently she has been jumping in with both feet to try out new things. This week’s picture is a little blurry as she was moving so quickly but it was chosen as not only did she want to try the rope swing, she was adamant that she wanted to do it on her own. A big first for her. Faster / higher…..she had a great time and I couldn’t be more proud of her.


This boy is going to send me grey! He’s such an explorer and likes to jump right in with both feet, however it seems it always has to be at 100mph. We were out for a little over 3 hours and in that time he took 3 big knocks and fell over countless times. He therefore came home with the addition of 2 scrapes and a rather nasty looking bruise – all on his forehead. He did however get mistaken for a girl countless times thanks to his rather fetching suit inherited from his sister. What can I say? At least he was dry!

Living Arrows

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

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  1. LOVE a good hand me down!!! I can’t believe how brave these two are these days! Especially on the rope swing, those things terrify me a little as an adult!! #livingarrows

  2. I love these photos! Looks like such fun

  3. I love your photos! we try and get out as much as we can!

  4. Those Peppa Pig rain boots are amazing!! Great pictures!

  5. Omg I love the second picture, he looks a bit surprised to be on camera!

  6. The pictures are stunning!

  7. Looks like a great day! Wonderful pictures as always! Your children are adorable!

  8. Rebecca Greenway says:

    Miyah get mistaken all the time for a boy & she literally just wears pink

  9. I used to try to get the children out and about whenever the weather allowed while I was working as a registered child minder, get photos of children having fun #pointshoot@_karendennis

  10. These photos are adorable and it is good you still go out in the rain X #pointshoot

  11. My eldest was exactly the same as your son always going at 100mph. Lovely shots again. Looks like a great place to explore. Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

  12. Beautiful photos! Letting them play, get mucky and try new things is the way to go. I love that snowsuit by the way 🙂

  13. Love these photos x

  14. Love to see children out in nature getting messy 🙂 #pointshoot

  15. Love the photos! So cute!

  16. I’ve missed a few weeks catching up with your little ones on #livingarrows and I can’t believe how grown up (not so) little one has got in such a short space of time! Such a little adventurer too!

  17. Your photos are beautiful! You really can’t beat a day at a National trust – we’re off to one on Saturday x

  18. Every child needs to have the opportunity to just go out, get dirty and have fun! Love the pictures!
    Britt |

  19. It’s lovely to see the little ones getting out and about amongst nature. #PointShoot

  20. Oh how fun and her big smile is just gorgeous #livingarrows

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