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ice cream adventures – 31/52

This weeks pictures are just quick snaps on my phone so they aren’t of the best quality at all, but I love them. Taken at a morning out at Cheshire Ice Cream farm from the weekend, they seem to really show where both are at the moment.


This is the look of a smug little girl who managed to fleece Grandma out of not one but two new Ty Paw Patrol teddies. Apparantly she needed Rubble but Henry needed one too so he had to have Marshall. He was in cahoots though it seemed as when held up, that’s exactly what he chose too. Do you think he’s had a chance to play with him yet though?? You guessed right. Poor Grandma for getting fleeced and poor Henry for losing a toy he never full had. I have to admit though, the girls got skills!


This boy seems to be shedding his “baby” by the day. He’s looking so much more grown up that it’s scary. He’s a climber though; he managed to get up on here all by himself. I swear this boy is turning me grey. I never had to worry about this with Darcie but with this little man, I need to have my eye on the ball! We even had steps this week too, only a few and nothing controlled yet but he’s raring to go!


Living Arrows

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran

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  1. You’re children are beautiful! My two are like that, getting everything out of nanny hah! I love living arrows! Going to do it next year for sure x

  2. Aww this post is so cute! xx

  3. Rebecca says:

    Beautiful children

    Becca |

  4. How absolutely adorable your children are 🙂

  5. Awww this is cute! Those are some BIG stuffed animals!

  6. Such cute children! Cheshire Ice Cream farm?! Now that sounds like a fun place!

  7. Your children are adorable!! X

  8. Aw, so lovely! Paw Patrol definitely is a popular one!

  9. They are both so adorable! Paw Patrol has been huge for my one niece too, I remember driving all over town in search of the specific toys she needed to complete her collection (because I’m that aunt lol)
    Britt |

  10. Your little girl is gonna go far 😉 haha! what gorgeous kiddies they are, beautiful smiles! – I love that we have such easy access to taking photos on our phones! They’re still really good quality! x

  11. Bless her. She really does have skills! It’s amazing what these boys can get up to isn’t it?! We have a climber too and I find him everywhere!!

  12. Lovely pictures – we went to The Ice Cream Farm earlier in the year, it’s fab isn’t it? #LivingArrows

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