Letters to my children

Dear Darcie – on your fifth birthday

To the one that made me a mummy.

Five. Wow.

I honestly have no idea where the time has gone. It’s such a cliché but the days really are long and the years short as we already find ourselves at 5 years old. This feels like such a milestone age where things are changing. You are leaving behind the preschool years and turning into a wonderful little girl. There is no doubt that you are ready, but some days it really doesn’t feel like I am.


You still adore small world play and it’s something that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. If it’s small and cute, then the likelihood is that you will love it. Hatchimals have stood the test of time, as have ponies and dolls.

Orange is your new favourite colour, joining pink in the top slot. You also have a real soft spot for George Ezra, asking for shotgun or hold my girl to be played on a regular basis. You have also discovered a love of clothes and love to dress yourself now. Choosing your outfits with varying results. There’s not doubt that you march to the beat of your own drum!

You have recently started dancing this year, starting with taking tap and ballet classes and you love it! I can see that it is already doing your confidence the world of good. You love the shoes and uniform but more than that, you seem to thrive under learning the steps and how to hold yourself as you dance. It’s amazing to see.

You’ve also learnt to swim in the past year and are now able to swim an entire length on your own with no aids. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a little (ok a lot) of work to be done on technique, but you have done amazingly well. You love the water and don’t care if it’s a pool, a lake, the sea or a river. In fact, the bath even counts. I’m so proud at how hard you have worked on your swimming and it shows in your pride at finally being able to do it solo.

You are also wonderful at art and love creating things. You won first place last year in your school eisteddfod for both your painting and your sculpture. In school you love to draw and paint and then at home you love setting up on the kitchen table with me to make something.


You know your own mind and you hate it when things don’t go your way. You have a temper – oh boy do you have a temper – and sadly little patience to go with it. (Sorry baby, you get that from your Mama.) This combination means that things can go from 0 – 60 in 3 seconds and explode over something as simple as not being able to balance a toy on something. However, these things tend to be over as quickly as they start, and we are back on steady ground soon enough.

You dislike most fruit and pretty much all veg – which to be fair is pretty standard – and brushing your hair can be a battle some days, but on a whole, there is nothing much you dislike. Other than your brother when he touches your stuff that is.


Oh where to start by little Bear. You are a walking contradiction.

Funny and moody.

Clever and scatty.

Shy and stubborn.

Feisty and loving.

You have grown up so much in the past 12 months. So much so that I wonder where my shy little baby has gone daily. School has been a revelation for you, building your confidence and expanding your world exponentially.

You are fiercely independent, but you still need your Mama for a cuddle on a regular basis to help put your world right again. I won’t lie baby girl: I live for those moments. When you climb into bed for a cuddle first thing in the morning. When you climb on my lap for a cuddle for no other reason for wanting to be close. When you launch yourself at me with no warning, confident in the fact that I will catch you.

And catch you I will my love. Always.

All in all, you are YOU: and that is incredibly special. You are unique and I could not be prouder to be your mummy. Never change my darling, because you are perfect.

Happy birthday Bear. Now will you PLEASE stop growing up so quickly?!


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