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Living Arrows 15/52 – Sibling Love

Sibling Love for this weeks Living Arrows post

Living Arrows 15/52


These weren’t the pictures I originally planned to use for this weeks living arrows post but these two were being so delicious together this morning that I couldn’t not use them. I love how this series of photos really show the relationship between these two. The similarities in body language in the first picture along with the fact that she just can’t stop touching him. She loves him so much that if he’s close by then she has to reach out to him – thank goodness he doesn’t seem to mind too much….at the moment at least!


This little lady is in the seious throws of Paw Patrol love at the moment. She was a complete Disney Princess until about a month ago when she discovered Skye and the rest of the team. Since then we’ve hit the two free series on Netflix and Prime over and over (and over!). She’s completely fallen in love with ‘Darcie’s pink one’ and can name them all. I can’t say I’m completely pleased by this development so I’m hoping it’ll pass soon, though I don’t hold out much hope!

She’s also obsessed with dancing this week and we’ve had Katy Perry ‘Fireworks’ on repeat so she can dance like the crazy toddler she is!


At 39 weeks he has officially now been in the outside world longer than he was in. He’s definately our last baby so I really want time to slow down. The more I want it to though, the quicker it seems to go!  This little man is getting so strong but equally he’s getting frustrated. He’s been sitting for months and can now stand (supported of course) but he can’t yet crawl or get about on his own. This means he’s starting to get angry at his own limitations. Once he’s stood he doesn’t want to sit down again but unfortunately there’s only so long I can hold a baby that’s over 20lbs! He’ll get there though 🙂

He’s also found his voice. Previously he’s been happy to ‘swap’ toys with the Bear when she wants what he’s got (which is most of the time) but now if he wants something he’s not delayed in voicing his opinion. 9/10 it’s the remote control though which unfortuantely, no amount of shouting will mean he gets it!


“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

                                                                                                                     Kahlil Gibran

Living Arrows

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  1. Our little men are in very similar places right now and I think our backs are too, thanks to the over 20 pounders!
    Fireworks is a very happy song, I don’t blame your little girl for picking that as her party anthem! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous pictures as always of these two. He’s really growing up now and it’s wonderful to see.


  3. You have the most beautiful children!

  4. We absolutely love Paw Patrol in our house – Skye is Athena’s favourite and Troy loves Rubble. Dave can pretty much narrate the shows he has watched it with the kids so much! I love your little man’s short – he looks so grown up! x

  5. What beautiful photos capturing the essence of sibling love here. And I adore his shirt!!! Gorgeous!

    I’d forgotten the hold me while I shout because I can’t move phase….

  6. What gorgeous photos! It looks like she truly adores him. #LivingArrows

  7. These are adorable. My kids also love paw patrol and yes we have watched the same episodes so many times I know them off by heart It’s funny what you say about soaking up all the little moments with your last baby. Sometimes I wish I knew if my daughter was the last but I can’t make my mind up. I’m just enjoying her and if there is another then it will definitely be the last!!!!! #livingarrows

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