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Mother’s Day 2016

As I get to experience my second mothers day I have to say I couldn’t be more proud to be this cheeky little monkey butts mummy.


I got unbelievably spoilt which started with flowers that were delivered on Friday, followed up by a lie in this morning along with some beautiful cards and a Darcie made canvas for my home office which I love.


My unbelievably talented brother even got in on the action and gave me an amazing hand drawn picture of the bear which is already on display, pride of place.


This is what mothers day is all about for me. Lovely homemade bits rather than expensive gifts and as I think back on the day (which has been a mix of lovely cuddles and a few tears from a teething little girl who had strugged today) I’m thinking about what being a mummy has meant to me:
1. Putting someone else first. No matter what.
2. Losing a little of yourself, and not caring…or at least not caring too much.
3. Surviving on less sleep then you ever thought possible.
4. Experiencing both the highest highs and the lowest lows you’ll ever know.
5. Learning that a simple smile has the power to melt your heart and make your entire day.

We’re blessed with having some fabulous mummies in our lives: our own of course who continue to do so much for us and the bear, and who we have a new found level of understanding and appreciation for as we’ve become parents ourselves. Also friends who are all doing an amazing job. Some who have been in my life for years and have grown to be mummies with me, and others I have just met on this crazy journey. It’s not easy but it is worth it as I know being a mummy is the best job I get to do; and although sometimes it’s hard, luckily the urge to launch them out of the window has never been stronger than the instinct to love them with your entire being.


So whether you’re a mum, step-mum, or mum-to-be…Happy Mothers Day. I hope you’ve had a good one.

And to our own mummies. Thank you. We love and appreciate you more than we could ever say xxx

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