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November Bear Portraits

Some of you may have noticed that this update has moved from weekly, to monthly. Mainly because not much really changes for this pair of Bears in a week. Therefore, from now onwards this will be a monthly updated, detailing exactly where my Bears are right now in their lives. These are the posts which I love looking back on a year or two after they’ve happened and reading about where they were and realising how much they have changed in such a short space of time.


This one seems to be growing up by the second at the moment. All toddler has now disappeared, and we have in its place a lovely little girl instead. School has been doing her the world of good and her confidence over things has been growing by the day. We have been working hard on her scissor control and she can now cut out shapes beautifully. Though I didn’t remember just how tricky those circles can be!


He still lives in a world which he wants to fill full of dinosaurs, trains, tractors and cars. And why not, it seems like a pretty happy place to be. He’s still very much a mama’s boy but he’s starting to grow up. A few months ago, his vocabulary has just exploded and he can now hold a full conversations with you. It’s terrifying to think though that come September he’ll be starting pre-school too.

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