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On The Farm – 35/52

Living Arrows 35/52

All our pictures this week were taken on Sunday at Church Farm in the Wirral. As we had an extra day off this weekend as a family, we decided to head somewhere new.


She’s had a mixed weekend bless her. So excited about staying at Nanny & Grumpys on Saturday, she had so much fun that she was late going to bed. Add that to an early wake up thanks to a baby brother that was staying in the same room as her, and that left for a very tired and emotional girl on Sunday. You name it and it caused a meltdown: being hungry, not wanting to eat, not wanting to be out but not wanting to go home. It was fun times!!  Thankfully we have another day off tomorrow where we can all recover!


This little man is such a happy boy usually but he’s just getting so frustrated. He can toddle but not quite walk more than the length of the living room yet. He’s willing but his little body just isn’t able to go big distances yet much to his frustration. That’s when we see his little temper come out. To say he’s going to be a handful I think is an understatement. Thank goodness that (for now) he can be easily distracted with food!


Living Arrows
“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran


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  1. Haha bless him! Food still works to keep my two happy so I wouldn’t worry xx

  2. What amazing children you have! Good luck with your little frustrated boy 🙂

  3. Aww. He’ll get there! I too am easily distracted with food! Haha.

  4. These pictures are so cute!

  5. Oh bless, it’s hard when they’re out of routine… it’s all fun and games at the time but the next day!! URGH awful! #livingarrows

  6. Aw, lovely photos! Its annoying for anyone to be out of routine, but I imagine its even more frustrating for little ones!

  7. Lovely photos, despite the frustrations #livingarrows

  8. Gorgeous photos! X #pointshoot

  9. What lovey photo’s, I’m not too far from the Wirral so will look up Church Farm, we are always looking for new places to visit. When they are little we will them to walk but once they are off it’s a job in itself to keep up with them. Have a lovely week x

  10. What gorgeous shots again. I love the #MummyShot you took at the farm. Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

  11. I am living for these pictures! They are just so darn cute! Lovely post! xx

  12. I absolutely love the first photo you’ve taken! You’re a really talented photographer!

  13. FOOD! Have to say that distracts me too and my daughter

  14. Beautiful photos – glad you were able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather with them!
    Britt |

  15. I remember that frustrating age where they want to be everywhere and do everything but just can’t. I hope it passes quickly x

  16. Awwww lovely photos! My youngest is walking and running, nothing is safe! #pointshoot

  17. Fab photos! I know what it’s like to have a tired and emotional little one! #LivingArrows

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