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Our Little Puddleduck

I’ve just realised it’s been 12 months since the bear started swimming lessons with puddleducks and thus starting her obsession with ducks!!


There were a few classes which we really wanted to do with the bear when she was born and swimming was at the top of our list as for us it’s a life skill, not just a luxury. We chose Puddleducks as a franchise as it came highly recommended and we liked the feel of the classes – it’s a decision we’ve not regretted as the bear adores the songs and the fun she seems to have each week.

She’s gone from ‘floatie’ where she pretty much lay there not knowing what on earth was going on, through to ‘splasher’ and now ‘kicker’. It’s not all been pain sailing though as this term we’ve had a big wobble where she’s not enjoyed it so much but apparently that’s normal at her age as she realises boundaries and tests her abilities to push them!!! However, the last few weeks we seem to have turned a corner and she’s loving it again (thank goodness). Hopefully we’ll have a proper little swimmer by the time she’s 3 or 4 but the reason we wanted to do it is we really wanted her to be as comfortable in the water on holidays etc as possible and, fingers crossed, so far so good!!

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