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Our Week 2019 – 22/52

Hello June!! I can’t believe how quickly May flew by and we’re already heading straight into the summer. I’m desperately hoping for a hot one this year for plenty of outdoor summer adventures. Talking about outdoor adventures, I have literally just found out about the Wildlife Trust’s 30 days wild campaign. I love the idea of an entire month of getting outdoors and having some wild adventures so we’re going to try our best to take part. We sadly missed day one but as of today we’re on it! 


The past week started with a buzz for us! As it was bank holiday Monday, we decided to head up to Erddig to their Busy Bee Trail. The kids had the best time dressing up as bees and learning more about these amazing creatures. There were talks, candle rolling and a trail around the garden and what started as a quick visit resulted in us spending the whole day there.

The rest of the week was business as usual for us in work, despite it being half term. However, it was Papa Bears birthday on Thursday which was a wonderful chance to celebrate. The Bears grandparents very kindly had them overnight so hubby and I could enjoy not only a lie in for his birthday, but also a fabulous spa day. It was bliss! It’s not often we get time to just relax so it was wonderful to spend time together and reconnect. I won’t lie though, before the day was over we were already missing the Bears and eager to get back to them.

A soft play Friday finished off our week and then a catch up with friends while Papa Bear worked on Saturday morning started our weekend. We have our first camping trip of a season next weekend, so we had some camping kit preparations to do, but we did manage to squeeze in a trip to the swimming pool, lunch out and an afternoon in Llangollen. Not bad considering that overall it was a pretty quiet weekend for us!


Do memories count? It feels like we’ve not stopped all week, so we’ve not really had chance to sit down together and make anything new. We did manage these cute button trees last week but other than that we’ve not really been inside to make anything new together.

Grown up crafts were a little more fruitful this week as I did manage to make this cute little star blanket. It was originally going to be huge for the Bear, but not far into it she decided that she wanted it for her baby. It’s really sweet and easy to crochet up though so I think I’ll make a full-size version for a friend who is currently pregnant. You can’t beat a handmade blanket for a new baby gift!

I also tried my hand to wood burning for the first time which I shared over on my Instagram account. It took a little getting used to, but I am actually quite pleased with how it turned it out. With a little bit of practice, I think this could be really effective. I’ve not idea what I could actually use them for other than props though, so if you have any ideas let me know!


Finally, these two have been adorable this week. Don’t get me wrong they’ve had their moments, but they’re playing together so lovely at the moment. Henry is at an age where he can keep up both physically and also in conversation which makes a huge difference now.

It’s been a lovely week though and I think the Bear is going to struggle heading back to school tomorrow. I can’t believe it’s only another 7 weeks and then she’ll be done for her first year at school. Full time from September. Eek!

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