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Tantrums & Teeth 41/52

This weeks pictures to represent my children and where they are right now were taken when I was doing a photoshoot for my friends daughter. Granted it’s not perfect but I love it. He was smiling about 10 seconds before this picture but out of no where his little face crumpled. Don’t worry, this was very quickly followed by a cuddle!

This my lovelies, is the reality of parenthood in our house – if it’s not one then it’s the other one!

Living Arrows 41/52


Can anyone else say “threenager?!” Bring back the terrible twos….. Don’t get me wrong, her behaviour isn’t too bad and overall she’s still the happy affectionate little girl she always was. The temper and mood swings though – wow. No one warned me that these days were coming! I feel for her though, she loves to colour, play with her figures, make things with play doh and do puzzles but unfortunately the little man just doesn’t leave her alone to do it. And not matter how much I try to distract him, he just wants to be doing what she’s doing.


In to everything, this little man has two speeds: on or off. Take your eyes off him for a second and he’s off, climbing or running! New words such as “car”, “dog” and “tractor” have been added to his vocabulary and he’s getting good at use them in context. It’s not all fun though, his molars are cutting. Two are fully through, another is about half way and the last one is bulging. I’m hoping it’ll pop soon and I can get my happy boy back.

Living Arrows

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran



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  1. It sounds like our boys could be interchangeable, little wrecking balls at times aren’t they? I love the shot of the two of them together; his expression is just priceless. Definitely one to pull out when he’s older! #LivingArrows

  2. Rebecca Greenway says:

    Oh no! Hate teething. Deffo a photo to show on the 18th birthday

  3. Oh your pictures are so lovely! Hope the last molar is over and done with soon! #livingArrows

  4. I love your beautiful photos, especially the one of your little boy. Teeth are horrible things when they are cutting, my little one has just had some through! I hope he is feeling better soon.

  5. Your pictures are amazing as always!

  6. I always think that the terrible twos are much easier to cope with than a stroppy teenager, we all go through it and come through the other side unscaved, hopefully! #pointshoot@_karendennis

  7. Teething sucks, but glad to see later he is much happier X #pointshoot

  8. I love your pictures, especially the first one! Good luck with the teething!

  9. I always love your photos they are so
    Clear and always so well captured and I loved be the reality of the first shot. Good luck with the threenager and with the teething! Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

  10. That first picture is great!

  11. The ‘threenager’ phase is SO true – I’ve seen my nieces and nephews work their way through it! Best of luck with all that happening at once!
    Britt |

  12. They are at the best ages – full of spirit and personality! Love the one of your little guy at the end x

  13. Over at our home, we are into the ‘wiggly teeth’ stage and waiting for the tooth fairy. Add lots of drama and fear of biting into pizza crust, and then you have us! Lovely pics!
    #pointshoot xo

  14. Aw I feel like that photo sums up childhood perfectly lol

  15. Oh I love these photos so much! I love little photo shoots like this 🙂 #LivingArrows

    Sarah |

  16. Love this. The first one is just great. As for tbreenager, I have one too and to be fair my 5 year old is not a lot better so I suppose it just goes on…. #livibgarrows

  17. Love this. The first one is just great. As for tbreenager, I have one too and to be fair my 5 year old is not a lot better so I suppose it just goes on…. #livibgarrows

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