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The Bear Portraits 24/52

This weekend has been a great one. The weather was glorious and we took full advantage by heading out to the park on Saturday morning before Papa Bear spent the afternoon fitting a tow bar on the car to make us camping ready in a few weeks (so excited!). Then on Sunday, we headed out to Open Farm Sunday again. Something we discovered last year and loved so much, that we went along again this weekend. It’s an annual event so I thought I would take a peek at last years 24/52 portrait from the same weekend, and it’s amazing that in 12 months; not much has changed in their behaviour!!

Anyway, back to this year.


When I asked her what her favourite thing about Open Farm Sunday was, her response was instant. The slides! There were a few standard garden slides there for the kids to play on and she had a great time going down them in order. First the baby slide, then the medium sized slide, and the the big one. Once done, she raced around to the beginning to start again. Her photo was captured mid-run as she was racing back around to the start.


This boy just loves a tractor so he just had the best day. In fact, the only way his day could have been any better is if they have a train and a dinosaur in a field somewhere! At it was, he had a great time climbing on the tractors on display and then watching more tractors come into the farm and park up. We finished our visit with a tractor ride – something he was incredibly excited by. For the rest of the afternoon, all we managed to get out of him was ‘tractor’.

Watch out for our full review of Open Farm Sunday which will be up on the blog soon. I’m looking forward to sharing all the details with you!

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  1. They both look like they had so much fun x

  2. those smiles!!

  3. I am IN LOVE with him in that picture with the tractor. He looks like he’s so focused on it hahaha
    Britt |

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