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The Bear Portraits 34/52

For this weeks Bear Portraits we headed back to Just So festival for our second year in a row. Wonderful in some ways and a struggle in others, overall its been a fabulous weekend.


I won’t lie. This one has been a challenge this weekend. She’s had a good one (I think!) but it has been peppered with a serious amount of tantrums and meltdowns. It’s hard to keep our own heads level at times like this as it’s exhausting all round and no fun for anyone. We have to keep in mind that it’s a big weekend and sensory overload for everyone. Excitement and tiredness mixed in with so many sights and sounds makes for a chaotic mixture in one little Bear. Almost too much for any of us to take. Some days are harder than others though and I won’t lie, her behaviour tainted an otherwise fabulous weekend.

I will say though that for such a shy little Bear, she had a great time getting involved. As usual, she took a little time to warm up but once she was happy, she was off! Following theatre shoes, making wands and even coming up with her very own dance and performing it to the whole group. She’s starting to really find her feet and her confidence.


We have a walker again! I won’t lie, I was getting very nervous for the weekend. He only started bearing weight on it again on Thursday and on Friday when he arrived he still refused to wear shoes and therefore did the first day of festival in socks. Thankfully we managed to convince him to give his wellies a go on Saturday and from there it was no stopping him. He was off! It was so great to have our little outdoor adventurer back again and he had a great weekend exploring and trying new things.

I looked back at last years portraits, knowing that I did one on Just So in 2017. It was interesting to see that not only was she getting involved back then too, but he was also recovering from an injury. It seems that I’m seeing a trend with my two!!

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  1. oh those sweet faces!!!

  2. such lovely photos!! looks like they had such a good time

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