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The Bear Portraits – 37/52

What a few weeks.

We’ve had hospital stays, family adventures and new beginnings. Needless to say it’s been busy. I’ll keep a full update for another day, but for now here’s a little look at the Bears and how they’ve been during a very big week.


So, it’s official. I have a little Bear in school. Darcie started nursery class last week, 5 mornings a week. She has been so excited ever since her common transfer day back in June, but when the day finally came she suddenly felt overwhelmed by it all. Day two was a little teary but by day three she was rolling and eager to go spend time with her new friends and teachers. She comes out each day full of smiles and buzzing from all the things they have done. I could not be more proud of how well she is facing such a big change.

It’s no surprise therefore that her picture this week was taken on her first morning of school.


Someone has been missing his big sister. She has adjusted so well but he has been missing her desperately and spends half of her morning at pre-school declaring that “Darcie’s gone”. While she’s there, all he wants to do is snuggle on the sofa with me under a blanket and watch his favourite films. (Currently The Good Dinosaur, Toy Story 3 and Ice Age 3.) Therefore, I have a feeling that someone else is having a little period of adjustment at the moment too.

His photo this week is from the Malpas Yesteryear Rally where he had the best time watching all the traction engines and trucks. And of course enjoying blue lollypops….he was so sticky!!

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  1. I can’t believe how cute she looks in her uniform. Such a big week!! Poor little guy as well, must be so strange for him being at home without her! Hopefully things settle into a new routine soon.

  2. oh that little uniform is so adorable!!

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