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The Bear Portraits – 39/52

It’s been an interesting week! Full of drama, tears, big decisions and celebrations. I’m glad to say things are starting to get a little quieter and life is beginning to get back to normal. Launched with a rather important event.


This princess turned 4 years old yesterday. Four years old!!! It seems like only moments ago that this little lady made me a mummy for the first time and changed our lives forever.

We marked the day with a little party with her close family and friends. Filled to bursting with food, pass the parcel, fancy dress and face painting. She had the best day celebrating with all her favourite people.


A little man ready to take on the world. This boy very rarely let’s anything get in his way or slow him down. Unfortunately this week though he’s not had much choice.

Full of cold he’s been struggling a little over the past week and has been very clingy (even for him). This morning – whilst mid wail – I noticed that he’s popped 3 back molars and the 4th is bulging. That’ll help explain why he’s taken things so hard…..poor baby.

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