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The Bear & the Bean – catch up 

I can’t believe we’re already on week 35 of the year already and it means I’m 4 weeks behind on this little blog project so please stay with me as I do a little catch up!!
Looking back over my gallery for the past few weeks, here’s 4 of my favourites:

32, 33, 34 & 35/52 – a portrait of the Bear and the Bean each week in 2016

Him – he’s now 7 weeks old and getting so strong. Awake more and more he’s taking real notice of everything going on around him now. He’s already hit 11lbs 7 and at 6 weeks was half the weight that the Bear is now so needless to  say he’s going to be a much bigger lad than his sister. The Bean is transforming into the Beast!!

Her – she’s gorgeous and getting more and more independent every day. Her speech is progressing more and more and it’s amazing to be able hold a conversation with her now, even if 50% of it can only be understood by mummy and daddy it still counts! She’s clingy though and having Henry on me so often I think has left her claiming daddy meaning he is hers and hers alone. Although adorable to see them some close, we need to keep an eye.

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