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What a beautiful day

So today I turned 34…eek!!

I remember turning 30 and if you’d have told me then that within 4 years I would have a new job with a new company, will have moved out of Chester into the country and not only be a mother to an 18 month old but be 6 months pregnant with our second child; I would have thought you were bonkers.  It’s amazing the difference a few years can make.

This birthday started a little different to others though as hubby was working so the bear and I had the luxury of a lazy morning doing some errands around the house, a leisurely breakfast and then a trip to the Mere to feed the ducks.  It was blustery but we had a great time!! image

The bear was getting tired so were heading home when someone promptly fell asleep in the car….and then continued to have a mammoth (for her) sleep for 1h 45 while mummy read a magazine, did a bit of knitting and even had a brief visit from the bestie with a card and some flowers.  Now all this may seem a little mundane and hardly worth the comment to most folks but when you have young children you come to appreciate these little moments as they arise! Especially if they manage to occur on your birthday!

By the time hubby finished work and we grabbed a bite to eat for lunch (including a catch up on the F1 qualifying), we then headed up to Plassey for some fresh air and much needed family time, followed by a delicious dinner on the way home at our favourite local pub.



I was hideously spoilt with flowers in abundance, pamper goodies, pandora bling, perfume and hubby got some serious brownie points by thinking outside the box and gifting me some movie cells from one of my favourite films: True Romance.  How awesome a gift is that?! More importantly though is that I had a wonderful day with my favourite people in the world.

It brought home though that birthdays are different once you become a parent…less about you specifically and more about your family unit celebrating together.

And you know what?  I wouldn’t change it for the world….

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  1. Happy Birthday!! It looks and sounds like such a cosy, family day – perfect! xx

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