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a zoo playing and tractor pulling kinda week #LittleLoves

We had a jam packed amazing weekend before we even started the week. On Saturday we popped up to Chester Zoo to explore their new play area which was simply fabulous. Darcie spent hours there before we managed to have a wander and look at some of the animals. It’s got sandpits, a water play area, a play areas with sliding and climbing frames as well as an activity play area for leader lead games.

LittleLoves - Chester Zoo

Then on Sunday we popped to the pool for a quick swim and a little soft play before heading into Shrewsbury to a local tractor pull. Yep that’s right, a tractor pull!  It was actually really good fun albeit also really loud!!

LittleLoves - Tractor Pull

OK, so onto this week’s LittleLoves:


So much information on the election and to be honest, I still have no idea who I’ll be voting for! If you missed it I did a little summary of the manifestos of the two main parties in my area which you can find here.

I also started reading How To Style Your Brand by Fiona Humberstone lent to me by the wonderful Laura from Edinburgh with Kids. I love it, such a beautiful book packed full of ideas which I can’t wait to try out as I seriously need to up my style game!

LittleLoves - Read


The flowers in bloom, does that count? I live in a tiny little village and the wildflowers have really started to come out and they look amazing.

LittleLoves - Watched


When I did my tracks of my years playlist for My Three and Me I made it into a spotify playlist. Every now and then I pull it out a listen to it which is what I’ve been doing this week. It’s madness how each song pushes me back to a different stage of my life.


Not a lot this week – that’s not good is it?! I really need to make more of an effort next week to make proper meals and do a little crafting!


This amazing new tee from Fairy Season. I’d never heard of them before but when this popped up on my Facebook feed, I couldn’t resist a little mid-month treat for myself ! Unfortunately today has been one of those days though. The boy is teething (again!) and to teeth are trying to push througt at the some time. That means little to no sleep for me!

LittleLoves - Wore


It’s been an emotional week this week for a number of reasons but we’re coming back out the other side. Looking forward to some positive times ahead!


Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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  1. I love that top at the end I need one of those so true. Sounds and looks like you made the most of the nice sunny weather and had a busy week. WOW Can’t beat these memories so lovely. I hope you have a lovely weakend ahead to add to it too. #littleloves

  2. I need that top! Love all your photos, they’re beautiful. Last weekend certainly sounds like it was action packed. Chester Zoo looks great, I’ve seen so many photos and videos of it later. We have family near Chester so I’m thinking we need to go to the zoo when we visit. Hope you have a lovely weekend #littleloves

  3. that fairy tee top is amazing!!!

  4. I really want that book and I really want that top. I’m opening up Fairy Season now. Tractor pulling sounds like so much fun, as does Chester Zoo! It sounds like you’ve had a really lovely week. #littleloves. xx

  5. Love that top! Motto for life, right there! haha
    How to Style Your Brand is a book I’m always referring back to, it is full of great advice xx

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