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Getting a little support with the Lapasa Women’s Sports Bra

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Pre-kids I used to love to run and used to do it regularly. Running, swimming, Zumba, circuits and weight training. You name it and I loved to do it. Then two little humans came along taking up most of my time and my energy, leaving not much left for sport. However, with Henry turning 2 next month and Darcie starting pre-school in September, life is starting to get a little quieter. Therefore, it’s time to reclaim my body.

It’s taken quite a hit since first becoming pregnant in 2014. Two babies in two years, a lack of exercise and a diet of convenience – this is going to be a long journey. One I’m willing to step up to though and I’m excited to get going. However, as I stand in front of my wardrobe looking at the sportswear I wore back pre-kids, I faced my first hurdle!

However, luck was on my side as Lapasa got in contact for me to try out some of their sportswear. I knew I needed to start with the basics so I chose their Women’s Sports Bra. I’m currently not in a fit enough state to go straight into high impact exercise so their medium impact support is more than enough for me right now. Add in the fact that it’s wire free and I thought this would be the perfect foundation layer to start my journey back to fitness with.


First of all, I loved the material. Incredibly soft, it was immediately comfortable to wear. Built with a double-layer, wire-free and non-moulded design, the Lapasa Women’s Sports Bra gives a great amount of stretch while providing both support and flexibility.

Product Review - Lapasa Women's Sports Bra - the bra up close

The seams are bonded meaning there are no nasty lumps and bumps which can be annoying and the fact that it is of a pull-on design, means there are no hooks etc to contend with. All is all, my first impressions were that I was very impressed and couldn’t wait to test it out.


Usually I can only wear sports bras for a few hours before they either become uncomfortable or too restrictive. That wasn’t the case with the Lapasa Women’s Sports Bra. Despite being on the larger size, it did not cut into my shoulders and the racer back sat comfortably.

Product Review - Lapasa Women's Sports Bra- in use

I have worn it all day on a number of occasions now and not only is it extremely comfortable, but it also provides a very good level of support. Something that was a welcome surprise from a medium impact bra. The racer back makes sure it is discreet under clothing and the black colour I chose means that it is a good match for all clothing options.

It held up well to exercise, both on the mats for yoga and on the treadmill for some speedy walking. I felt supported throughout and at the end of my workouts, feel no soreness or chafing.

Product Review - Lapasa Women's Sports Bra


I would certainly recommend the Lapasa Women’s Sports Bra for anyone looking for both comfort and support. As a bigger girl, shopping for sportswear can be a bit of a nightmare and shopping online for these kinds of things can feel daunting. However, in Lapasa I am confident that I have found a sports bra that can support me as I start the journey to reclaiming my body after childbirth.

The Laspasa Women’s Sports Bra is currently available on Amazon and ranges from £12.95 – £16.95.

Product review - the Lapasa Women's Sports Bra. Comfort and support for sportswear. In Lapasa I am confident that I have found a sports bra that can support me as I start the journey to reclaiming my body after childbirth.

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DISCLAIMER: I was provided with this item in return for my honest review. As always though, all opinions expressed in this post are my own. PR & marketing for Lapasa is performed by Social Cloud,

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  1. Finding a comfortable sports bra is a very tough job, especially one with enough support! I think I may check this one out! Thanks for the honest thorough review.

  2. i always find it so hard to find a comfortable sports bra, ill have to look into this one thats for sure x

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