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Accidental Secrets by Dana Mason

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This is a modern romance which has all the feels, plenty of drama and heavy dose of naughiness thrown in. Great for those people who like their books to have strong woman and alpha men without compromising on a good story.


She’s been hiding something from him. Until now…


He was my childhood sweetheart.

Then it all went wrong and my mom tore us apart. Ever since then I’ve kept my secret.

I haven’t had a choice. Fourteen years later, just thinking about him makes my stomach flip.

I still remember his citrus smell, the way he used to gently hold my hand.

And then… It turns out he’s living in the same damn town.

But he’s not the Mike I remember. He’s dark and dangerous, covered in ink.

He’s completely and utterly mouth-watering.

His whiskey-colored eyes blaze as he catches sight of me.

And it’s just a matter of time before he finds out the truth…

The question is, will he forgive me?


She was my ride or die.

And she left without even saying goodbye.

Left me with nothing but a broken heart.

Since then, I’ve struggled to get close to anyone.

It’s pathetic – who else clings to their high-school love?

And then, all these years later, I see her.

But Rachel’s not how I remember.

Her wavy, raven hair frames her sexy sea-blue eyes.

Her perfect hourglass figure has curves in all the right places.

She’s pin-up girl hot.

And I refuse to let her get away this time.

Next thing, we’re in suite 108.

I’m unbuttoning her blouse, tasting every inch of her. She’s screaming in pleasure.

She’s begging for more.

Everything’s perfect.

Except for one thing…

She’s hiding one hell of a secret.

And when I find out what it is, do I have it in me to forgive her?

Or will I be the one walking away without a goodbye this time?


Accidental Secrets is the ultimate tale of second chances, and I enjoyed getting to know all of the characters in the book. Not just Rachel and Mike but also some of the secondary characters. I loved Isla and some of the brutal truths so dealt out were spot on. The line about Rachel putting on her big girl pants: love it! Yes, Accidental Secrets is on the whole predictable and yes it was just what you expect from a modern, steamy romance but it was 100% exactly what I was in the mood to read.

I won’t lie, there were times when I felt seriously annoyed with Rachel. There’s one thing excusing the actions of a 16-year-old girl, but that doesn’t really hold weight when you’re talking about a grown woman. However, I think that Accidental Secrets actually challenges some serious topics well. Things are never quite black and white when it comes to abuse survivors, even more so when they are still so heavily influenced and controlled. It may be packed full of chemistry, but this is also a book with some unexpected depth.

When Rachel and Mike’s world collides again sparks fly. There is no doubt that they still love each other but the question is, is that enough? Well, of course it is!! But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some bumps along the way and there is no doubt that this is a book which keeps the reader entertained.

Although this is the third book in the Accidental Love series, that didn’t matter as it reads as a standalone. This is the first one that I have read but overall, I don’t really feel like I have missed out on anything big. That being said, I enjoyed this one so much, I will most likely head back to read the other two as soon as I am in the mood for a little bit of romance again!

Accidental Secrets is currently available on Amazon (affiliate link) for an amazing price of £1.99. Finally, for a closer look at some of the other stops on this tour, check out the blogs below.

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DISCLAIMER: I was provided with an eARC of this book in return for this review as part of a Bookouture book tour. As always though, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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