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Secret Heir Seduction by Reese Ryan

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A solid second chance romance, Secret Heir Seduction follows Darius as he arrives in Royal to discover he is a lost heir to a (now deceased) father he never knew. That’s not all though as he gains 3 siblings overnight and gets a further shock when he discovers the woman he walked away from 5 years ago is in Royal to design jewellery for his new sister. What’s more, she is staying right next door.

Can Audra forgive the lies that Darius told 5 years ago even though he is obviously still lying?

Well, of course she can. It is a Harlequin romance after all… Set amongst the rich and famous, there is a lot to like about Secret Heir Seduction. Likeable characters who are both driven and fun. However, to be honest it’s all very surface level with not much depth to either the characters or the story. I also found the little spin off romance between Lulu and Kace to be confusing. It was all very sweet, I just didn’t know why it was there.

In summary this is a quick and easy read that contains everything you come to expect from a Harlequin romance. Interesting characters, a little bit of drama alongside a dash of sex. Secret Heir Seduction doesn’t have much depth to its story or its characters, but it was still a fun way to spend an evening.

Secret Heir Seduction is currently available to buy on Amazon.

DISCLOSURE: I was sent a digital copy of Secret Heir Seduction for the purposes of this book tour. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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