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The Stone of Destiny by Caroline Logan – book review & giveaway

‘,AD | advance readers copy


Begin the journey; discover your destiny…

Ailsa doesn’t believe in faerie tales, only the monsters in them. But, with the mark on her face, most people consider her one of them—a changeling.

Her secluded life shifts when she rescues two selkies from bloodthirsty raiders. Now she must act as their guard as they travel to the capital and then, with the help of the Prince of Eilanmòr, journey north to find The Stone of Destiny—the only object protecting them all from the evil faerie queen.

But all her life a malignant creature has stalked her through the forest. Can Ailsa find The Stone of Destiny before something wicked finds her?

The Stone of Destiny book and map


The blurb just doesn’t do this book justice. I love love LOVED The Stone of Destiny and genuinely couldn’t put it down. Although technically a YA fantasy novel, to me this book was so much more. It’s a story about friendship, a story about the danger of judging people too soon, and about self-discovery. Not just Ailsa though, as each of the main characters – Iona, Harris and Angus alongside our main protagonist – have their own dreams, histories and flaws. It’s these details which made me love them all.

Not only does have everything you need from a great fantasy book – adventure, myths, conflict, drama and a dash of love – but it also has things we need to see more of. Diversity!! Still only a little hint at this stage but I really hope this builds more as the series progresses.

The book and some flowers

If I had to have one criticism, it’s that now and then the narrative POV briefly shifts in the story. This comes out of the blue and disrupted the rhythm for me a little. However, that is me being really picky. It only happens a handful of times and before long you’re back in the flow and gripped by the story once again.

If I had to write a teaser, I would say that this is Ailsa’s journey. A journey that not only takes her to new lands and in the path of new monsters at every turn, but also a journey of self-discovery. As she lets people into her life and into her heart, step by step she and her new friends not only get close to finding the Stone of Destiny, but Ailsa also gets closer to discovering who she is.

getting ready to read The Stone of Destiny

The Stone of Destiny is Logan’s debut novel and it’s a book that I wish I wrote. I cannot WAIT to read the rest of the series. I’ve already met a few characters in passing who I think will have a bigger part to play in Ailsa’s story. Not wanting to give away any spoilers, I won’t say anymore. But I’m invested in these characters now – all of them – and am really looking forward to finding out what Logan has in store for them next.

The Stone of Destiny is available to buy on Amazon right now (affiliate link). But, if you want to be in with a chance of winning your own copy, read on!


The team from Cranachan Publishing will be giving away a copy of The Stone of Destiny to one lucky Tippytupps reader. Just enter via Rafflecopter using the link below and follow the usual social media accounts.

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Good luck!

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DISCLOSURE: I was sent this book as an advance readers copy (ARC) to allow me to give this review. However – as always – all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

A Young Adult (YA) fantasy novel, The Stone of Destiny is a story about friendship, a story about the danger of judging people too soon, and about self discovery.

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