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What I Read in April

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Another month has flown by and before we know it, we’re already a third of the way through 2019. It’s going so quickly!! April hasn’t been bad when it comes to the number of books I managed to read: 3 novels and a short story. The good news too is that I’ve enjoyed every book I read last month.

Here’s what came down off the bookshelf last month:

Tormenting Lila by Sarah Alderson

I wasn’t going to include this in my monthly round up seeing as it was a little teeny tiny short story. Only 39 pages in length, it re-joins Alex and Lila 8 weeks after the end of Losing Lila (see last month’s round up to check out my thoughts on Hunting Lila and Losing Lila). All the main characters from the last two books are present and it acts as a cute bridge and introduction to Alderson’s next book involving a completely new set of characters. Check out last months round up for what I thought of the first two books in this series.

It’s a sweet add on for anyone who were left wanting a little more!

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeves

Now a big budget motion picture, I’ve wanted to read Mortal Engines for months now, so I was really happy that I managed to pick it up this month.

Tom is a third level apprentice historian aboard London: one of the great traction cities of the future. Or at least he was until the day he saves the life of the head historian. An action that has disastrous consequences.

This is a good solid young adult read. Not quite the amazing story I was hoping for, but it is will written and full of enough drama to keep you going. Based in a world rich in details, the relationships are what really drew me in with this one. Both Tom and Hester are wonderfully complex characters that develop well as the story progresses. I won’t lie, this doesn’t leave me desperate to immediately pick up the next book in the series, but I’ll certainly get to them at some point.

The Rumour by Lesley Kara

This book follows Jo as a rumour that notorious child killer Sally McGowen is in witness protection in her town starts to spread. She passes on this gossip to her local reading group and then to the other mummies on the school gate. Before she knows it, the rumour has taken on a life of its own and Jo finds herself second guessing everyone she meets.

She finds out though that the truth can be even more terrifying than any rumour.

I found The Rumour slow to start, but once it got going, I couldn’t put it down. Very well written with relatable characters, I think we all have a little of Jo in us all. That person that who at one time or another maybe said more than they should have an instantly regretted it. The Rumour is a great exploration of what happens when that then becomes out of control. It’s not going to change your world, but it will be a great summer read that delivers a good story that makes you think.

Shame On You by Amy Heydenrych

What a book. WHAT A BOOK! I don’t really know where to start with this one.

Holly is a social influencer, running a successful blog and Instagram account. One day she is attacked and it’s clear that her attacker found her online. In a world spent online where everyone presents what it is that they want to show, is anyone actually who they seem to be?

Shame On You has a great pace and a plot which had me turning page after page. Holly isn’t the nicest of characters, but she is an accurate representation of that social media addict inside of us all. The little bit of us that only wants to share the best bits of ourselves online. That chooses the most flattering filter. That deep down really does care about how many likes that latest Instagram photo got, even though we wish that we didn’t care at all.

As a blogger, this really resonated with me for obvious reasons and Shame On You really made me think about my own online presence and the impression that I give to the people that follow me. At £1.90 this is definitely my recommended read for this month.


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