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What I Read in February | 2021

After reading 9 books last month, I kept up the pace with 8 more in February. There’s nothing like a global pandemic that makes you want to escape from real life! Most of that escape was with the Bridgertons as I finished the series and Julia Quinn did not disappoint.

There is no doubt that I will be slowing down next month and I have a modest plan to get through 4 books in March, but for now, this is what I’ve been reading in February.

The Lost Hours by Susan Lewis – eARC

Read the full synopsis here.

After reading My Lies, Your Lies back in April last year and also One Minute Later before that in February, I had high expectations of this one.

17-year-old Karen Lomax was murdered and her body dumped in an old hut. Fast forward 20 years and Annie and David are the perfect couple. Rich and successful, their world falls apart when a teenage prank has the unexpected result of throwing up a familial DNA match in Karen’s murder. Told from Annies point of view – as well as a few chapters from the investigating officer Natalie – it follows the action as this cold case unravels and the truth is finally revealed. The question is though, was it her brother-in-law, father-in-law or her husband who killed Karen?

This wasn’t my favourite of Lewis’ books. Don’t get me wrong, the usual Susan Lewis style was there as was her brilliant characters full of depth and flowing writing which is full of detail. It was just lacking a connection from me. I think it’s just because I do not live in that world and therefore wasn’t able to connect to Annie.

Overall, I did like her and by the time the book really got going half way through I was really with her trying to find out exactly what happen that week. But the fact is that she exists as part of the entitled, rural “YAH” tweed set whose holidays are filled with skiing and their weeks filled with the hunt. It just isn’t my world nor is it something I can relate to. For that reason. the book was a little slow for me and it took me a while to get in to it.

I had more connection and felt more for the Lomaxes, whose daughter simply caught the eye of the wrong kind of people and paid the ultimate price for it.


They’re back!! I started last month, and had to finish the series. These are really easy reads with characters that you grow to love over the series.

  • When He Was Wicked – Francesca’s story – full synopsis here.
  • It’s In His Kiss – Hyacinth’s story – full synopsis here.
  • On The Way To The Wedding – Gregory’s story – full synopsis here.
  • Happily Ever After – 2nd epilogue of all the Bridgerton family – full synopsis here.

I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t really looking forward to Hyacinth or Gregory’s stories. As they are so much younger than the rest of the Brigerton siblings, I found them to be annoying in the other books. However, I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed them both. So much so, they are some of my favourite stories from the series!

There is no doubt who my favourite character is though. Violet – mama to the Bridgertons – is someone who develops so beautifully through each and every book. The only constant character through the series, the Violet you meet in the Duke and I, it very different to the one you see with Hyacinth and Gregory’s stories.

There is no doubt that I will be keeping hold of this series for a re-read in a few years time.

The Girl of Ink & Stars by Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Full synopsis here.

This was a really lovely read. Part adventure story and part myth, it follows 13-year-old Isabella as she joins a expedition across the Forgotten Territories in search of best friend Lupe. On the way they uncover the truth about Lupe’s father, and uncover exactly what is wrong with their island, driving the animals into the sea.

With echoes of Moana, this is coming of age story that is told with almost child-like simplicity where good faces evil in a battle as old as time. I especially love the part that story telling plays in this book and the way the narrative of the past intertwines with Isabella and Lupe’s journey.

Overall, a very sweet read. Though technically a children’s book, I really enjoyed following Isabella on her adventure.

Reading Apps

I’ve mentioned reading apps before. You’ll usually come across the in a Facebook app, and if you’re anything like me, you get sucked in. The key is not to read the “free” chapters that pop up on social media! Sucked in I was this month though and I ended up reading two books in there.

  • Books read this month: 8
  • Total books read in 2021: 17
  • Books abandoned in 2021: 0

As you can probably tell, I’m always looking for new books. Especially at the moment. Are there any that you would recommend?

After reading 9 books last month, I kept up the pace with 8 more in February. There's nothing like a global pandemic that makes you want to escape from real life!

DISCLOSURE: some of these books have been gifted to me by the publishers via NetGalley in return for my honest opinion. These books are clearly marked as an eARC (electronic Advanced Readers Copy). I am not paid to do this, I do it because I love to read. The decision to include them on this blog is my own and I am under no obligation to do so.

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