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What I Read in February

What better day to post this than on World Book Day? I love the fact that we have an entire day dedicated to celebrating all things books and reading. I love to read and I’m really proud that it’s a habit that both my little ones have inherited.

It’s been a really slow month for books in February. I started off strong with a book within the first few days, but I lost momentum after that and life got in the way of my bookworm habit. However, I still managed 2 books. So, here’s what I read in February.


I loved this book. You can read my full review here as it was an ARC, but to summarise, this is a beautifully written coming of age novel about 5 young boys who have no idea that their world is about to change forever. Definitely worth a read.


This was my first novel by Susan Lewis, however I had heard good things and was keen to pick this up. It follows Vivi – a high flying young lawyer whose life changes in a moment when she finds out that her heart is starting to fail her. With no other choice but to return to her home town, Vivi stuggles to adjust to her new life.

Beautifully written, One Minute Later had me sobbing by the time it finished. Although slow to start, by the time I reached the halfway point I was gripped. With two stories interlinking – Vivi’s in the present and Shelley’s in the past – at first you are unsure as to how the two are connected. However, as things become clearer you realise just how connected these characters really are. Also that twist that you think is coming? I can guarentee that you have it wrong!

One thing that really stood out for me about this one though is the attention to detail. The information on organ donation packed in its pages is detailed, well researched and also heartbreaking. Be warned; this is a tear jerker that is worth pushing through the slow start.

For more inspiration, you can also take a look at what I read in January.

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