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What I Read in March | 2021

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. When I get stressed, I read. Disappearing into another world helps me escape everything I want to avoid thinking about in real life. And let’s be honest, there has been a lot to avoid this month. As seen in the 14 books I’ve managed to read.

I’m not going go through each and every one of them so this month, I thought I would just share the ones that caught my attention. So, here are my highlights from the books I read in the past month.

A Simple Favour by Darcey Bell

Read the full synopsis here.

A Simple Favour is a charity shop find that has been sitting on my bookshelf for a while. Published a few years ago in 2017, it’s a real slow starter. In fact, it took me almost a week to read through part one. You knew something is up within the first few pages and not quite how it seemed, but it took a long time to lay all the ground work and actually get going. Once it picked up the pace though, I finished A Simple Favour in a single night.

Stephanie’s best friend Emily rings up one day and asks her to pick up her son from school. That’s not unusual, but what is unusual is that Emily doesn’t come home. Stephanie reaches out to her mummy blog followers begging for help and support and she tries to figure out what happened to her friend. She quickly learns though is that everyone has secrets – especially Stephanie herself – and before long she is left wondering whether she ever really knew Emily at all.

A Simple Favour is played out in three parts with perspectives coming from Stephanie. Emily and a little from Sean as well as posts from Stephanies blog. Blog meets Gone Girl and if you overlook the pace of the book which ebbs and flows, then it’s a good solid read.

When a Stranger Comes to Town by Michael Koryota | eARC

Read the full synopsis here.

When a Stranger Comes to Town is a collection of short stories but a wide range of crime writers. From new writers such as xx, to crime juggernauts like Dean Koontz. All the shorts have one thing in common though, they are all centred around a stranger.

It’s been said that all great literature boils down to one of two stories—a man takes a journey, or a stranger comes to town.

What I loved about this collection is that each writer has taken that central themed and used it in such different ways. Some left me wanting more, others worked fabulously as short stories that are easy to fit into the day. There are 19 novella’s in total, and while I didn’t love every single story, there is enough really good ones to keep crime story fans happy.

Enshine by Kay Bennson

Read the full synopsis here.

This is one I’ve had hidden on my kindle for years but for some reason the urge to read it didn’t strike me until recently. I’m glad I finally picked it up though as it was nothing that I actually expected.

Sage Wolfe is kidnapped from her small village by a violent and cruel king. While Sage is torn between accepting her fate and finding the strength to escape, she meets a hooded stranger who arrives at the castle. It seems that everyone has secrets in Rosementh including Sage.

Enshrine has everything you would expect from a good solid fantasy novel. A great central character who has a real journey of self discovery. An evil king. A hero with depth and friends that sacrifice.

What I really enjoyed about this book though as that the majority of the central characters had real depth. This is a good option for anyone who loves a romance with a twist and a story filled with swords and drama.

The Hades Trials books by Eiza Raine & Rose Wilson

After a few false starts with books, I was looking for an easy read to keep me ticking over and a friend recommended the Hades Trials trilogy as an easy, fun read and I have to say, that’s exactly what I got.

Persephone is abducted off the streets of Manhattan by non other than Zeus himself. Next thing she knows she is transported to the underworld where she is forced to fight for her life. That’s not all though, as it seems she is also fighting for Hades hand and to become the Queen of the Underworld.

This were quick, easy reads with stong women, gorgeous friends. great friends and a world full of drama. These are great for anyone who enjoys their romance with a little supernatural twist.

Danger in Numbers by Heather Graham | eARC

Read the full synopsis here.

I really really enjoyed this book. Great characters who had real depth and great personalities that were thrown together on a case that is a gripping as it is horrifying.

When the victim of a ritualistic murder is found in rural Florida state, Special Agent Amy Larson starts to work with the FBI, specifically Special Agent Hunter Forrest, a man who knows cults in a way that very few people do: as a survivor as well as investigator. The closer they get to the truth, the more dangers things become for them both.

Danger in Numbers had a great pace and enough going on to keep you guessing. Brilliantly written, I really enjoyed this book and have found a new must-read author to add to my list. Graham has a massive back catalogue of books and if this one is anything to go by they will be worth catching up on. I just hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Amy and Hunter!

  • Books read this month: 14
  • Total books read in 2021: 31
  • Books abandoned in 2021: 0

As you can probably tell, I’m always looking for new books. Especially at the moment. Are there any that you would recommend?

DISCLOSURE: some of these books have been gifted to me by the publishers via NetGalley in return for my honest opinion. These books are clearly marked as an eARC (electronic Advanced Readers Copy). I am not paid to do this, I do it because I love to read. The decision to include them on this blog is my own and I am under no obligation to do so.

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