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Darcie’s Adventure with the PAW Patrol | AD

I’m sure anyone with a three-year-old right now has a deep knowledge of a certain boy and his team of pups. Darcie fell in love with the PAW Patrol when she was around 2 and it doesn’t look like it’s showing signs of easing any time soon. So, when the team at Penwizard got in contact to let us know they had a new personalised book – your child’s adventures with the PAW Patrol – coming onto the market this past July, I knew a certain little girl who would be captivated.

She already loves books – something that I am so proud of – and I hope her love of books is something that she keeps as she grows up. Some of her favourites already include a few PAW Patrol adventures, so I knew that adding her into the story would be an instant winner.


As this new adventure was personalised, we needed to provide a few details to either feed into the illustrations or to the story itself. These include:
  • First name – 12 characters
  • Surname – 12 characters
  • Birthday (Date) – e.g. 15th June (we only need day/month)
  • Town/City – 30 characters
  • Gender – Boy / Girl
  • Skin Colour – Fair / Olive / Brown / Black
  • Eye Colour – Blue / Green / LtBrown / DkBrown
  • Hair Style [Boy] – Flat / Messy / Curly / Spikey Hair Style [Girl – Ringlets / Bob / Buns / Long / Pig Tails
  • Hair Colour – Blonde / Red / LtBrown / DkBrown / Black
  • Clothing Colour – Green / Pink / Blue / Red
  • Glasses (Optional) – Yes / No

I love the amount of options that are available in this list, as it means that children should find it easy to identify themselves in the story as they share a large number of characteristics in the illustrations. Needless to say I was excited to see what our adventure would be.


It took a few weeks for our book to arrive, which was expected considering the level of personalisation involved. On first impressions I was so impressed as what we had was a beautiful, bold and bright hardcopy book. Something unique just for Darcie and something she could keep for years to come.

Basically, the book follows your child and the PAW Patrol Pups on an amazing adventure. They are featured at the centre of the story as they head off into Adventure Bay to celebrate their birthday with Ryder and the PAW Patrol.

The story is clear and easy for little ones to follow, and the illustrations are wonderful.

The one criticism I would have is the limited number of PAW Patrol characters that play a part in the story. If your child’s favourite is Skye, Chase or Rocky, then you have nothing to worry about. However, none of the other pups really play a part, though all are represented well in the illustrations so they are by no means left out completely.

I have to admit though, that Darcie didn’t notice at all and she LOVED recognising herself in the story. At three-years-old she immediately read her name on the front of the book and could see that the character within the story was indeed her. She was captivated throughout as we read about her adventures, and her little smile at every twist and turn of the tale was adorable to see.

To say that Darcie’s adventure with the PAW Patrol has now become a bedtime favourite is a bit of an understatement. It regularly makes an appearance at any time of the day and often comes with us visiting grandparents. Fun and fabulous to look at, her adventures with the PAW Patrol really involves her in the story and allows her imagination to roam as we read all about their escapades. Definitely one to keep on the bookcase!


If this also sounds like something that your child would enjoy too then I have some great news, as Penwizard are giving Tippytupps readers 10% off their order by using PAW10 at the checkout. Head on over to the Penwizard site to start your personalisation today.

DISCLAIMER: I was provided with this item in return for my honest review. As always though, all opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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  1. this is absolutely adorable I love the whole idea!!

  2. Oh my goodness this is so cool! i had something similar as a child but for Christmas, i love those insert stories!

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