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Wild Adventures with Spikey | AD

I am so proud that both my children have inherited my love of reading and have such amazing imaginations. That’s why if we are ever asked to take a closer look at a book, it’s rare that I would say no!

Introducing Spikey

Written by Tereza Antenova and illustrated by Mike Phillips, Spikey is a wonderfully heart warming story about a a lonely hedgehog called Spikey who must learn to survive in time for winter. Set in Regent’s Park, London, it’s beautifully illustrated and teaches children all about this wonderful animal.

Supported by Hedgehog Street – a charity campaign which works hard to slow the decline in hedgehog numbers and encourage people to creat hedgehog-friendly gardens – we learnt so much about Spikey. What hedgehogs eat, why they are at risk and what we can do as a family to help them.

I love the fact that Spikey works on two levels. First of all there are plenty of conversation points that grown ups can talk through with young readers but also when they’re older, more advanced readers can enjoy the story on their own.

Spikey is available in paperback (£9.99), hardback (£12.99) and ebook (£5.99) at all good bookshops and online retailers.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent a copy of Spikey for the purposes of this review. As usual though, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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