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Getting Dressed with Little Pancakes

If your children are anything like mine, then they grow at an incredible rate. So, one thing we are ALWAYS on the lookout for is new clothes. Where possible I do like to shop small and look for something a little bit different so when Little Pancakes got in touch to ask me to pick something for the Bears, I jumped at the chance.

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Based in London, the Little Pancakes team believe that little people should have clothing that is stylish and comfortable while still being a sustainable option. With this in mind, they only deal with reputable manufacturers, so they have confidence in the products they are delivering to their customers.

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With this in mind, I was very excited to receive our Little Pancakes package and put their products to the test. This excitement grew with the delivery of goods as it was packaged so beautifully. Wrapped in tissue paper, sealed with their logo and packaged in a cardboard box. I love that there was not a single piece of plastic packaging in sight. Real thought and care was put into the first experience for the customer and this is where small businesses excel. As this kind of care and experience is something you would never get with a large retailer.


​​At first glance, the Little Pancakes range seems a little young for the Bear who will be turning 4 in September. However, while scrolling through their site, I fell in love with a whole host of tutus and shorts which are just gorgeous. They all fell into the background though when I came across this fabulous t-shirt shorts set which I knew the Bear would absolutely love. We have an overseas holiday coming up in May which I know this will be perfect for.

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I was right. As soon as the Bear saw her outfit she loved it! Lightweight and so pretty, she did not care at all that it was minus 5 outside and demanded that she put it on. Thank goodness for heating!

When I asked if she liked it, her response was that she felt like a princess. Said as she twirled around the living room making the shorts flair out. I will say that the sizes were a little on the small side. Not a bad thing for us seeing as the Bear is such a dink, but I know other children that wear a size 2-3 years who I don’t think this would fit as well due to the slim fit nature of the set.

For us though, it fit beautifully. I can just imagine how perfect this will be in the sunshine by the pool in a few months. Watch this space for pretty flowers in the sun photo spam!

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I went a little warmer for the little man, and ordered some little red trousers, a little classy cardigan along with a cool bear t-shirt. For him it’s better to have layers and things that are less pretty and more practical. He’s a rough and tumble boy whose clothes need to live up to how active he is.

I loved the trousers and the little cardigan as they are both so incredibly soft. They have the comfort and flexibility of jogging bottoms and a jumper but look so much smarter. All the style without having to compromise on comfort. Not once did his clothes restrict him while he was playing which for him, is my biggest priority.

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I couldn’t recommend supporting small businesses enough. Every single sale means so much more to the people behind the brand and I think the passion they feel for their business shines through in the care that they take.

We loved our Little Pancakes choices. Functional and fun, comfortable and stylish. Little Pancakes strikes a great balance between being practical and being fashionable. The customer experience was great from ordering the product, through to delivery and the items meeting and then exceeding my expectations.

You can find Little Pancakes online on their website, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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little pancakes - product review - toddler clothes

DISCLOSURE: I was provided with these items in return for my honest review. As always though, all opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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