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The half term is well and truly underway here in North Wales. It may only be day two of the holidays, but I already feel like I’ve been refereeing a WWE match. Anyone else?

There is no doubt that the key to peaceful holidays in our house is keeping everyone entertained and engaged. That becomes a lot harder when the rain arrives in the way it did this week, keeping us indoors for most of the day. So, when Milly & Flynn sent us a box filled with some bits to keep us entertained, I had two little Bears who were eager to get stuck in! It was time for some half term crafts.

Here’s a little look at what they sent us.

Half term crafts with Milly & Flynn


First up the kids were immediately drawn to the 3D foam puzzles. The team could not have chosen better ones to send us as Darcie headed straight for the giraffe and Henry for the crocodile.

Half term crafts - 3D foam puzzles
ready to play

The process is simple. Push out all the foam pieces that you need, and then using the box instructions as a guide, start fitting them all together.

All the pieces are made from thick foam making the easy for little hands to navigate, though pushing them out can be a little tricky so they do need a little help. Especially the giraffe which required for a lot of oranges piece being added to the yellow of the giraffe.

pushing out the pieces
putting together our foam puzzles

The instructions were clear though, and very easy to follow. That means that before long we had a pair of animals ready for an afternoon playing. And play they did!

What was really surprising was just how engaging they were. The crocodile had a mouth that could snap, the giraffe had a neck that could bend and legs that could move. This means that the kids had a wonderful time “feeding” their animals any little bits of leftover foam we had.

Half term crafts - our finished crocodile
Half term crafts - our finished animals

These are great half term crafts for kids who enjoy puzzles and construction play. It’s also a great way to improve hand eye coordination as well as working on problem solving skills.


Next up in our box of Milly & Flynn half term crafts was a Puzzle & Grow set. The idea is simple, not only do you build your own wonderful scene, but you also plant your very own garden which you can then watch grow.

We’ve been exploring what we can grow in our garden for the past few years, so I was really excited by this idea for a little winter window growing.

Half term crafts - puzzle & grow
Puzzle and grow - what's inside the box

First up we needed to build our set. We were sent the windmill, though a treehouse and farm are also available in the collection. Push out the pieces using the little tool provided, and then it’s as easy as matching up the numbers to then slot all the pieces together.

This was a wonderful group activity as Henry loved the fact it was a puzzle, and Darcie loved matching the numbers (nothing like a little hidden numeracy in the holidays eh?!).

Half term crafts - under construction

What we were left with was a rather wonderful mill – complete with spinning sails – that was actually incredibly detailed. I love the little touch of the farmer and his two sheep as both kids got lost in a little world of small play fun as soon as we were finished.

Half term crafts - small world play

However, the Bear was eager to get planting! You do need your own soil or cotton wool to plant your seeds in so keep this in mind. It wasn’t an issue though as we had a stash outside leftover from the summer. Add your seeds, water well with the bottle provided and then sit back and watch your miniature garden grow.

Half term crafts -watering our seeds

This was a really lovely group activity that has continued to keep going as the kids have been watching their seeds start to sprout. We’re hoping for a good crop by the end of the holidays so be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram stories to see how we get on!

Half term crafts - the finished mill
Half term crafts - the mill from the top
Half term crafts - our finished mill


Finally, we have the Cake in a Mug which does exactly what it says on the cup. And I mean literally. All the instructions are printed on the cup, all you need to do is add in the ingredients, mix well and microwave.

I would give you a full review on the process and the taste. However, let’s just say that this is being saved for a certain member of the family ready to celebrate surviving the holidays. Can you guess who?

Half term crafts - something for mama

As you can see we’ve had a great time getting creative with the goodies that Milly and Flynn sent through to us so we wanted to say a great big thank you to them.

If you enjoyed this review, then why not check out others on the blog, or if you’re feeling creative then our creations section is packed with craft ideas.

DISCLOSURE: these items were provided to us by Milly and Flynn for the purposes of this review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Grow aw window garden, make some animals and back a cake in a cup. Here's some great ideas for children's half term crafts with Milly & Flynn.

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