Creating a Children’s Christmas Party with Party Pieces

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We’re very lucky to have friends who had children at the same time as us. That means that not only do we have a set of people who understand how awful and wonderful parenthood can be at times, but the kids also have a ready-made set of little friends who they love spending time with.

Getting together at Christmas to exchange gifts is always a struggle. So, this year we decided to get everyone together and have a Christmas party for the little people. As soon as we told the Bear she was incredibly excited. Here’s how to throw a great Children’s Christmas party.


Of course, to throw a great children’s Christmas party, everything needs to look wonderfully festive. We started with these fabulous Wooden reindeer decorations just to add a touch of Christmas to the room and the table.

Next we needed to dress the table. As this was primarily for pre-schoolers and toddlers, we stayed classic with Father Christmas and Rudolf. Afterall you can’t really go wrong with Santa and a reindeer, can you?! We had cups, party poppers, hats and lovely napkins to set a fabulous festive scene.

Reindeer party cups | Santa icons party paper napkins | Santa and reindeer party poppers | Mini Santa hats |

I loved how themed everything was, and how easy it was to mix and match exactly what we needed. We were left with a table that the kids sat at immediately as soon as they came in. We took the hint. So, the first think we did was eat!

sitting down to eat at a children's Christmas party


With 7 toddlers and pre-schoolers in the house, there was no doubt that they needed entertaining as well as feeding. Along with the usual party games and music, we got a few activities for them to do.

Things to do at a children's Christmas party

Elf ringtoss hat | Father Christmas pinata | Peel the Christmas pudding

The Elf toss hat was a HUGE hit and the kids had a great time launching the rings at it. Henry spent most of the afternoon walking around with the rings as a hat. And why not!

Playing elf hat ring toss at a children's Christmas party

They also loved the peel the Christmas pudding which we used as a pass the parcel game. They had a great time peeling back the layers to find the middle, even if my house did end up filled with crepe paper!

playing pass the christmas pudding at a children's Christmas party


No party is complete without a party bag. Although as parents we dread them a little, there is no doubt that little ones just love them.

We knew we wanted a mix of things that they could all do. So, we went with cute little notebooks along with some stickers that they could use with it. Then a little Christmas maze and biff bats for them to play around with. Add in a few sweets and they were all set.

Santa suit party bags | Christmas stickers | Christmas notebook | Christmas maze puzzle | Snowman biff bats

They were such a great hit. All the little ones were desperate to open up all their little bits. It was only the promise of letting them play in the car that got each of them outside and ready to go home.

Before long, the reports arrived that every single guest was all partied out and crashed out in the car on the way home. A sign of a great party, I think!

So, there we have it. With a little help from Party Pieces, these are our tips how to decorate, what to do and what to put in the party bags to make a great children’s Christmas party.

Enjoying a great children's Christmas party

Throw a great kids party this Christmas. With a little help from Party Pieces, these are our tips how to decorate, what to do and what to put in the party bags to make a great children's Christmas party

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