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At the moment there is a real passion for all things vintage and it’s something that I am completely obsessed with. The garden is no exception. Think upcycled pots, different shapes and sizes as well as plants of all colours and varieties. I’m always on the lookout for things to add to our outdoor collection so when the people from Vintage Apple Crates got in contact to ask us t0 test out one of their garden tools apple crates to use around our home or garden I was happy to find a home for it.


First of all I loved that these crates are geuinely used apple crates. They have been sourced, upcycled and repurposed which fits in with the nations move to a more sustainable way of living. Something that we have been working hard to get on board with. This fits in so well with our attempts to reduce, reuse and recycle where ever possible.

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Practically there was plenty of room in the crate with approximate dimensions being 50cm Length x 40cm Depth x 30cm Height and I loved that there is a larger gap under the top slat in each side which makes them so much easier to carry.I loved that their website also prompts that the crate could also be turned upsidedown in the garden to make a little seat pod or tea table while working. Genius idea and something that my kids took to heart when we were taking a closer look when our crate arrived.

3 ways with an apple crate - crate close up angle

The question was though what to use it for. I wanted to find a home for it outside and I shortlisted my options down to three.


The most practical and obvious use in the garden would be to store all of your gardening equipment. String, pots, tools, seeds: all those pieces add up and this is a great option for people looking to bring a little organisation to some garden chaos.

3 ways with an apple crate - storage

That’s not their only outdoor storage use though. Use them for storing wellies, childrens toys or even logs ready for the fireplace. Whever you need to store outside, this is a great option which is not only functional but looks great.


Another idea that I loved though was to line the crate with a weed proof membrane and use it as a planter. I would it in fabulously with all our other mis-matched pots and planters and add a lovely rustic element to our current garden layout.

3 ways with an apple crate - planter


Finally, my thought was to use my crate to add a little height and variation in the garden. The look I’m going for at the moment is varying layers, textures and colours and adding in something like a crate can really help to add something interesting to a plant display.

3 ways with an apple crate - add a little height

So, there we have it. My favourite uses for an apple crate in your garden. Which option would you go for?


You can find Vintage Apple Crates on their website as well as on their social pages on Facebook and Twitter. The great news is that the team are offering Tippytupps readers a 5% dicount until 30 September. Just use the code TIPPYCODE5 at checkout to claim your discount. So, what are you waiting for?

Uses for apple crates in the garden. They have been sourced, upcycled and repurposed perfect for sustainable living. Use as storage, a planter or to add a little fun in the garden, these apple crates fit in well with our attempts to reduce, reuse and recycle where ever possible.

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DISCLAIMER: I was provided with this item in return for my honest review. As always though, all opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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  1. These are such wonderful ideas! I would love to use them as book shelves!

  2. I love crates! we are going to be using some for shelves in the house as its a cheaper for us! I have pinned so many ideas haha!

  3. Fab ideas!

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