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Christmas Gift Ideas For Grown Ups

Last week it was the turn of the kids, but this week we are moving on to the grown ups. After all the adults deserve a little treat at Christmas too!

So, if you have no idea what to buy the grown up in your life, how about these ideas for inspiration?


Yep I went there straight off the bat! Most people have a cheeky little tipple of choice and for me it’s gin. However, it’s not something I treat myself to very often so getting a nice bottle at Christmas is a real treat.

This Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur from The Tiny Tipple Company is available from Yumbles and not only does it look beautiful but it tastes amazing too!


The world may have gone digital but there is nothing like giving someone the gift of something you yourself love. A film you have seen that you think someone will love is a lovely gift that has thought behind it.

If you’re after a recommendation then Yesterday is a wonderfully funny film that is packed full of awesome Beatles music.


It to be done…..surely no Christmas is complete without some socks or pants under the tree! It’s not something that is ever on the wish list, nor is it something that is fun to buy yourself, but let’s all be honest. They are always practical, and they are always used. Which surely can’t be anything but a good thing in a time where we are all surrounded by so much stuff

These Calvin Klein Underwear 3 Pack Boxer Trunks are great for the boys and these pants from Modibodi are a great sustainable alternative for women. Both are functional, comfortable and really flattering.


Christmas is a great time to get inspired to learn something new and there are so many great “learn to” kits on the market at the moment. For example, I recently reviewed this learn to knit kit from the Knit Kit Company on this blog as it’s a great way to get started for people who are interested in learning to knit, or a great little project for those who can knit already.


Sometimes something practical that the whole family can use is a great option to go for. Think picnic rugs, beach towels, backpacks. Something suited to a family’s interests can be a great thing for everyone to enjoy.

For example, this OS Extra Large Waterproof Picnic Rug is great for any family who love to get outside. Big enough to fit everyone but functionally packs up into a really small stuff sack, this is something that will come in useful on many outdoor adventures.


For me, books are always going to be a winner. Whether you love facts, history, adventures, real life, true crime, a little romance…all can be found within the pages of a book!

Or, if books aren’t someone’s thing then how about a magazine subscription. The key is to find out what someone enjoys and take it from there.


Now this one is a little more difficult but if you can, what about something homemade? Putting your time and effort into something handmade can be really appreciated by many people.

Even with only a few weeks to go, there is still time to create something small such as a star Christmas decoration.


Clothes are always a good option whether it’s for children or grown ups. However, if you feel like getting someone a little bit different, did you know that suspenders have made a comeback?

An easy-to-wear, fun addition to your wardrobe this is a quick and easy way to add a little umph to your wardrobe. These skinny options from JJ Suspenders are a timeless classic that are really on-trend.

And that’s it, my Christmas gift ideas for grown ups! This is just a handful of ideas for what to get the big kids in your lives. I hope this has given you a little inspiration, and if you’re little for ideas for tiny humans too, be sure to check out my Christmas gift guide for Children too.

Merry Christmas.

DISCLAIMER: some of the items included in this Christmas gift ideas for grown ups guide were provided for the purposes of this guide or for previous reviews. However, all have been selected by me and I have not been paid to include any of these items in this guide. This post includes affiliate links.

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