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What to buy a 4 year old girl

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So, this weekend the Bear turns 4 years old. I can’t believe it. At first, I was in a little bit of a panic as to what to get her, as to be honest she already has so much. Then I realised that for a child like the Bear – someone who loves everything small and cute and who is obsessed with small world play – lots of little small things was actually the perfect solution.

Therefore, these are our recommendations as to what to buy a 4 year old girl.


In case you’re not aware, Num Noms are one of many collectables available at the moment. First of all, you have an adorable outer character – the num – who is full of squishy fun. Then you have the inner hard-shelled character – the nom – which holds an added surprise. Think lip gloss and scented nail varnish; all the things that 4 year old girls are just getting into!

What to buy a 4 year old girl - num noms


These three-inch dolls give layers of fun as it requires you to uncover 7 layers of accessories to go with your LOL. This peeling back of section after section really appeals to the Bear who loves the suspense which comes with these kinds of toys. Bright, colourful and fun. She loves dressing, undressing and setting up little scenes with these dolls.

What to buy a 4 year old girl - LOL Doll


Something which takes suspense to a whole other level are baby secrets. Not only do you have the surprise as to what baby you uncover, but you also need to wait until they are submerged in water before finding out whether they are a girl or boy. The addition of the water is a genius idea as both our kids love nothing more than playing with water so it just adds to the fun.

They also now come in a Baby Secrets Pets option containing cute little pets, I know these are going to be a big hit with the Bear.

What to buy a 4 year old girl - baby secrets


It’s not all about the cute and tiny though as these Crate Creatures are a great gender-neutral option. First of all you break into your crate to unleash your new creatures. Pull their tongue to make sounds and you can even record sounds with the Crate Creatures Surprise. Free the Beast!!

What to buy a 4 year old girl - crate creatures


We already have a few little My Fairy Garden bits but this range really captures the Bears imagination. If you follow the blog regularly then you know that we have been working hard in the garden this year to grow our own plants and vegetables. Therefore, this set from Find Me A Gift to actually grow your own fairy garden I thought would really appeal to her. You literally take the bowl and add soil in which to plant the grass seed. You then sit back and watch it grow, placing all the items to create your very own garden.

What to buy a 4 year old girl - my fairy garden


This final suggestion is just the collectable that has stayed around for the longest time in our house. The Bears obsession with Hatchimals doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon and she is still in love with these tiny little characters. Hold them in your hand and rub the heart until it changes colour and then it’s ready to hatch. With literally hundreds to collect, your collection can just keep growing.

What to buy a 4 year old girl - hatchimals

So, there we have it. Our list as to what to buy a 4 year old girl. If it’s tiny and cute, then the likelihood is that it’s on their list. What about you? Is there anything that your little one loves that you would add to this list?

It could be for a birthday gift, a Christmas gift or any kind of celebration. Here are our reommendations as to what to buy a 4 year old girl.

DISCLAIMER: we were sent some of these items for inclusion in this review, however the selection of the products was our choice and all opinions are our own.

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  1. Margaret Murray says:

    As you know we are also soon to have a 4 year old but in boy form! He also likes the smallest and tiniest of toys the best – not so easy when you have a boy!! Lots of these kind of toys are marketed towards girls and I don’t really understand why?
    There is a shortage of play set type toys for boys. However our little guy isn’t too fussed about whether something is aimed at girls. He also likes hatchinals the new Disney doorables and anything that comes in a blind bag! Have a lovely day for your big girls birthday. We will be dinosaur themed in this house

    1. tippytupps says:

      It’s so hard for boys isn’t it?! Hatchimals and a few others are at least gender neutral but since having Henry too, I’ve noticed just how girl orientated a lot of things are.

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