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Reclaiming My Body with OneFitMama

I’ve not kept it a secret that I am unhappy with my body shape and weight since having the kids, and I’m definitely in the middle of a fight to reclaim my body. It’s no surprise then that I was very excited to hear about OneFitMama. A workout DVD that is specifically targeted at postnatal fitness.

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It’s certainly been no secret that having Henry left me…. let’s say damaged! Although I’m a little bit beyond postnatal now – he’s 18 months after all – unfortunately the impact he had on my body is still very much around.

If you read his birth story, then you will know that his head went transverse mid-labour and tucked into my hip. Basically, he flipped breech and had to be turned in my birth canal. This has left me with bad prolapse – front and rear – as well as suspected torn pelvic floor muscles. A decision will be made next month as to whether I need surgery to correct it all. So yeah, thanks Henry!

What this means to my fitness is that as much as I desperately want and need to get moving, anything high impact is out of the question. It would undo a lot of the hard work that the physio has been working on. The mind is willing, but the body is just not able.

Therefore, I was so excited about OneFitMama as it seemed to offer me the perfect option to tailor a workout – design specifically for women with my kind of issues – around what my body is able to cope with.


Straight off the DVD is bright, colourful and looks great. There is no annoying music, the instructor doesn’t have a voice that grates and isn’t overly “yeah you can do this…. go girl!” It may seem daft to mention but nothing puts me off following a workout more than an annoying instructor and music I’m going to get bored of.

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The structure itself is simple: you have a warm up and cool down section which is mandatory each time. You then have a choice of 3 workouts to choose from which depends on where you are right now on the journey to reclaim your body and fitness.

  • 6 weeks – 3 months: eases you back into exercise.
  • 3 months – 6 months: picks up a pace a little for a good intermediate workout.
  • 6 months – 12 months: designed to start pushing your fitness levels further and getting you back to where you want to be.

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The dates are an indication only, and you simply choose the stage that you are at right now. For example, I’m right at the beginning at stage 1 as I don’t want to push anything too far and undo any of the progress I’ve already made with my consultants. However, this DVD gives me the confidence to at least do something. Being overweight doesn’t help my condition, so by following a workout that is gentle enough for postnatal bodies, but still pushes you hard enough to make a difference means that I can finally start moving again without the fear of doing any additional damage.

With brings me to the last section of the DVD and the one I absolutely love. The complete core workout. Once you’ve had a baby the old-fashioned way, I can guarantee your pelvic floor needs a little (or in my case a lot) of help. This optional section is designed specifically for that. I’m currently using it the recommended 3 times and week and can feel it working similar areas that my physio sessions do, so I know it must be doing something right.

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It’s probably going to be no surprise that I love this. Although I’m not able to take it all the way up to full impact yet, this is a workout that I am confident that will be able to grow with me. It’s refereshing to have a workout from a mother who understands that this baby weight just does not like going anywhere fast as opposed to a 25 year old jumping around my TV with gravity defying boobs.

OneFitMama is designed by mums for mums. Well explained throughout, the fact it is a DVD gives you flexibility to be able to workout whenever in the day you are able to squeeze in a quick 30 minutes. I love the dedicated core section designed specifically to target the exact area I am having issues with. As my physio says, anything that will help strengthen my pelvic floor again is a bonus. Will it stop me from needing surgery…? I don’t know, I doubt it. After all it’s a workout DVD not a miracle worker! What it has already done for me though, is put me on the first step of my own journey to regaining my confidence and reclaiming my body.

You can get OneFitMama direct in your living room like me for just £10.

OneFitMama - workout DVD

DISCLAIMER: I was provided with this item in return for my honest review. As always though, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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  1. I’m glad you like it!!

  2. I hope this helps in the long run! Glad you are liking it!

  3. This sounds like such a wonderful idea! I love how it eases you in, it must be so hard to jump back in at first.

  4. I am going to have to order a copy of this for after baby M arrives. It can be so difficult to regain the pre-baby bod.

  5. Rebecca says:

    Glad it has s3vtions on postpartum, some people really do over do it x

  6. Sheana says:

    :0 I love the idea of this, I am slightly dreading the changes to my body post baby and did not know they did fitness targeted at post pregnancy!!! One to add to the wish list 🙂 great review x

  7. Glad you’re enjoying this!

  8. I love that it eases you back in, so it doesn’t set unreasonable expectations for mothers right after birth the way some other programs do.
    Britt |

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