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If you follow the blog then you know that we are always looking for ways to swap out everyday items and become more sustainable, One area that we have been struggling is with yogurts. As a family of 4 we go through a lot of yogurts a week which adds up to a lot of empty yogurt pots.

However, with two children that don’t eat cheese or drink milk, they are an important source of calcium for my tribe. So, when I was asked to take a closer look at EasiYo – a homemade yogurt maker – I was curious enough to do exactly that.


Founded in New Zealand more than 25 years ago, EasiYo is allows you to mix yogurt in your own home. Our starter kit contained a pink yogurt maker, a kilogram yogurt jar and a full set of instructions as to how to make your own EasiYo yogurt.

Making your yogurt could not be easier.

First up you need to half fill the EasiYo yogurt jar with room temperature. Add the sachet and shake well. Top up to the fill line with more room temperature water and you are ready to go.

Next you need to full the yogurt maker with boiling water to just above the insert. Put your yogurt jar inside and then secure the lid. In 8-12 hours, you have a full kilo of yogurt ready to enjoy. The longer you leave it the thicker your yogurt will be. Once you have your desired thickness – leaving it no longer than 24 hours – pop in the fridge and enjoy at your leisure.

Once made, your yogurt will last up to 2 weeks. If you can go that long without eating it all!


Each sachet makes an entire kilogram of yogurt and is made up of a combination of milk powder and live active cultures.

I was sent the plain greek style natural yogurt and the peach flavour greek style yogurt, both were delicious, and the volume lasted me a full week. I was really impressed with the smooth texture of the yogurt. I left it in the maker for around 15 hours which made for a lovely thick yogurt.

In short, I like how simple this was to use and the fact that each batch makes a massive amount of yogurt. No plugs or batteries, just smooth delicious yogurt that provides the equivalent of 10 of our usual yogurts in one single sachet.


The team from EasiYo are giving away an EasiYo maker and jar to one lucky Tippytupps reader. Just enter via Rafflecopter using the link below and follow the usual social media accounts.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to UK residents only and is powered by Rafflecopter. It will close on Sunday 29th March 2020 at midnight. The winner will be chosen at random using the tool. Please note this competition is hosted by the Tippytupps blog but the prize is being provided by the EasiYo team who will be responsible for posting your prize out to you. For full terms and conditions for the giveaway, please visit the Tippytupps terms and conditions page.

Good luck!

DISCLOSURE: I was provided with an EasiYo for the purposes of this review. However, all thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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  1. Solange says:

    I love vanilla.

  2. Tracy Nixon says:

    I love greek yoghurt with honey!

  3. michelle o'neill says:

    i love hazlenut yogurt

  4. Peter Watson says:


  5. Rena Plumridge says:

    Vanilla is my favourite flavour

  6. John Taggart says:

    My favourite is strawberry

  7. Charlotte isobelle says:

    Cherry yoghurt is my favourite flavour

  8. Fiona K says:

    Black cherry is my favourite

  9. Iain maciver says:


  10. Emma H says:

    I prefer to eat plain Greek yoghurt and sprinkle it will nuts, seeds and dried fruit. It’s also nice with grated dark chocolate!

  11. Alice Gilkes says:

    My favourite flavour yoghurt is toffee.

  12. Susan B says:

    Kiwi is my favourite flavour and I love it mixed with apple flavour.

  13. fiona waterworth says:

    my favourite flavour is strawberry

  14. ADEINNE TONNER says:

    For me it has to be strawberry for sure i love it!

  15. Susan Willshee says:

    it may sound boring but I do love strawberry yogurt

  16. Angela Treadway says:

    strawberry! x

  17. Rich Tyler says:


  18. Michelle Smith says:


  19. justine meyer says:

    My favourite is strawberry and banana

  20. Helen Arlow says:

    I love coconut greek style yoghurt

  21. Margaret Gallagher says:

    Vanilla is my favourite

  22. Mel Pennie says:

    My favourite is Raspberry yogurt

  23. Sheena Batey says:

    I love vanilla with a touch of honey

  24. Helen S Wright says:

    My favourite flavour is strawberry

  25. Amy Bondoc says:

    i just love peachh flavour yogurt

  26. Helen Tovell says:

    Lemon for me love the sharpness

  27. claire woods says:


  28. Samantha M says:

    I love apricot flavour.

  29. Lisa Wilkinson says:


  30. Ruth Harwood says:

    Madagascan Vanilla!

  31. A.E. ADKINS says:

    My fav is plain greek yoghurt with my own additions if I feel like a change.

  32. kim neville says:

    I like strawberry

  33. Strawberry is my favourite!

  34. Kim M says:

    Love orange – but it’s hard to find so making my own is ideal x

  35. claire willmer says:

    Cherry is my favourite.

  36. Fiona jk42 says:

    I love nut flavour, but difficult to find.

  37. Nicola S says:

    I love vanilla yogurt. I also love plain yogurt with runny honey.

  38. Susan Smith says:

    Mine is Raspberry

  39. Sarah Fielding says:

    Definitely blueberry for me!

  40. Catherine S says:

    Strawberry is my favourite flavour of yogurt

  41. Michelle Ferguson says:

    Strawberry is my favourite

  42. Victoria Prince says:

    I don’t really have a favourite flavour. Possibly peach?

  43. paula cheadle says:

    My favourite is strawberry

  44. Pauline Burroughs says:

    My favourite flavour is lemon, it’s so refreshing

  45. donna jones says:

    Vanilla is my favourite flavour

  46. Dawn Adams says:

    I love a Toffee flavoured yoghurt.

  47. Josie Mellor says:

    Vanilla is my favourite

  48. Emma England says:

    My favourite flavour of yoghurt is peach or apricot.

  49. Jade P says:

    Banana is my favourite

  50. James Travis says:

    Strawberry flavour

  51. Gary Topley says:

    My favourite flavour is Strawberry. Thankyou for the competition x

  52. Jenny Rogers says:

    I like Greek yogurt with maple syrup.

  53. Gill Mitchell says:

    my favourite is black cherry. they look amazing

  54. Kirsty Fox says:

    I like quite a few flavours but toffee is probably my favourite.

  55. joanne coulson says:

    My favourite flavour is peach

  56. sarah morris says:


  57. Theresa Thomas says:


  58. Greek lemon is my favourite

  59. Elaine Shaw says:

    i love Black Cherry flavouredd yoghurt, or fresh berries, so delish

  60. Tammy Neal says:

    Strawberry x

  61. ashleigh allan says:

    Lemon or coconut!

  62. Jeanette Leighton says:

    I love banana yoghurt

  63. Tracy Barber says:

    I really like lemon yogurt especially when it’s Greek 😉

  64. Joyce W says:


  65. Orange23 says:

    Raspberry is my fave flavour

  66. Darren Bourne says:


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