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If you’re familiar with the blog, then you know that I love photography. With over 47,000 photos hiding away in my Flickr account – all added since 2013 – it’s safe to say that I spend a lot of time looking through my lens. Although I started life in the darkroom with black and white photography, times are now digital and our images are often locked away online in the cloud. Needless to say, I am always looking for gift ideas to put my photos to good use. Therefore, when Cheerz got in contact offering me credit to spend on their site, I was very VERY excited. So, here’s my top picks for your photographs!


A photobook is a great way to get your photo’s out of the cloud and into something you can really cherish. It could be a special event, a birthday or a holiday; a photobook helps to capture those moments and give you something tangible to hold on to.

My Top Picks for your Pics with Cheerz - photobook cover

For me, I decided to put together a summary of our year. Nothing in too much detail; just 4 or 5 of my favourite pictures from each month pulled together as a celebration of another year passed as a family. Inside its pages are a few snapshots of our holidays, of our birthdays, moments in our everyday lives and the seasons as they passed.

I was ecstatic with how this came out. So much so that my Christmas gift to myself each year will now be an album I will put together each January made up of all the pictures that we captured the previous year.

I chose the Big Square 29cm x 29cm hardcover photo book with the lay flat opening option. Putting together your album is simple: import your photos, add any text you like and customise your cover – that is literally all there is to it.

I cannot fully express how happy I am with how this turned out. I am so pleased I went with the lay flat opening option as it makes it so much more comfortable when flicking through the pages. I was also so impressed with the quality of the paper used. Thick and durable; I really feel like this is going to last the many, many (many) times I am sure to be looking through its pages over the years.

My Top Picks for your Pics with Cheerz - the binding

My Top Picks for your Pics with Cheerz - the pages

What I really loved though – and what I thought was a really extra special touch – was that Cheerz lined the cover with a montage of all the photos contained within my album. I wasn’t expecting this, and when I opened my album and noticed these pages, it brought a lovely smile to my face. For me, it’s these little details which make it such a great photobook.

My Top Picks for your Pics with Cheerz - the little details


Next, we have framed prints. There are four sizes to choose from – 20cm x 20cm, 40cm x 40cm, 40cm x 60cm or 50cm x 70cm – which allows you flexibility to choose the option which best suits your home. I went with the 40cm x 40cm square option as the best fit for the space I wanted to display it in. With a choice of 4, 9 or 16 photos you can personalise your frame in a way to completely suit your taste.

My Top Picks for your Pics with Cheerz - framed prints

Framed photos are a great way to proudly display your photographs in your home. Photos are made to seen and what better way to do that than in a way that is visible to all and displayed in your choice of a modern chunky black frame or in a more traditional oak finish. Sturdy and with a great print quality, these frames help to really bring a space to life with colour and personality.

My Top Picks for your Pics with Cheerz - framed prints close up


I have to say I have been looking for something like this for a while now. We ordered some when the Bear was small from another supplier and they desperately need replacing. That supplier has now disappeared, and I’ve been struggling to find a replacement that is not only great quality, but also affordable. That is why I was so excited to find them in the Cheerz product listing.

My Top Picks for your Pics with Cheerz - fridge magnets and box

Magnets really are a great gift idea, especially for family members. What makes these magnets from Cheerz even more special though are they fact that they come with their very own little presentation box. A fabulous way to make a sentimental gift even more unique.

The Cheerz magnets have a lovely glossy finish and are wonderfully thick. I’ve struggled with these kinds of magnets being functional in the past but the these hold the kid’s masterpieces with ease.

My Top Picks for your Pics with Cheerz - fridge magnets in use


So, there we have it. My top picks from the Cheerz website. I would definitely recommend heading over there to take a look and see if there is anything to tempt your own pictures out of the cloud.

The great news is that the team are offering Tippytupps readers a fabulous 20% until 17 August (excluding gift cards). Just use the code TIPPY20 at checkout to claim your discount.

So, what are you waiting for?

My top picks from the Cheerz website: photobooks, framed prints and fridge magnets. It's time to get your photographs out of the cloud and into your home.

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DISCLAIMER: I was provided with these items in return for my honest review. As always though, all opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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