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Developing our Nurturing Side with Baby Annabell | AD

Darcie has always loved her dolls, ever since she was a small toddler and it’s a love that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon.

Now dolls have changed a lot since I was a child. Gone are the hard, unyielding plastic dolls, and in their place are an interactive new generation of babies.

So, when the team at Baby Annabell offered to let us take a closer look at a summer bundle, I had a little girl who was eager to do exactly that.


Baby Annabell are not new to the market. They have been delighting children for years,

With a soft body and cute face, Baby Annabell has a massive variety of life like actions. Give her a dummy and she actually sucks. Feed her water and she drinks. Make her cry and she will do it with real tears.

Darcie absolutely loved rocking her to sleep and taking care of her. The fact that she responds to actions, makes Baby Annabell truly engaging and fun to play with. The Bears face when she tickled her and Baby Annabell actually laughed was nothing short of adorable.

What’s more though, the Baby Annabell world is massive with a wide range of clothes and accessories which will delight any nurturing soul. This doll set includes Baby Annabell complete with a lovely soft baby grow and comes with a bottle, dummy, bib and charm.


I used to carry both the Bear and Henry when they were babies, and they see pictures of them strapped to me from time to time. So, when the Baby Annabell Cocoon Carrier arrived, the Bear immediately knew what to do and strapped it to her belly.

Fully adjustable, this carrier fits children of all shapes and sizes. With cushioned straps it is comfortable to wear and a lot of fun. Designed to be carried on your front or back, this really allows little ones to full immerse themselves in their world of make believe.


According to the Bear, the Baby Annabell Comfort Seat was by far the most exciting thing that we were sent. As soon as she saw it, Baby Annabell was out of her box and in her seat before she could even start to cry.

With a z-shaped handle, this seat is easy for children to carry either in their hand or resting on their arm. With easy to release seat straps, I was impressed by how the Bear could fasten and unfasten them herself. This avoids tantrums and therefore overall makes my life easier!

What really made this seat great though is the fact that is has two uses. First up it’s a travel seat with an easy to carry handle. The handle then flips round to become a baby seat.

The Bear loves it and takes great delight in flipped it back and forth and enjoying its different uses.

Do your little ones enjoy dolls? For us I think this will be a phase that will stay around for quite some time. So, it’s good to know that her Baby Annabell will be able to engage and grow with her over the years to come. Needless to say she’s also got her hands on the Baby Annabell catalogue and is putting together her Christmas list as we speak!

DISCLOSURE: we were sent these items for the purposes of this review. As always though, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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