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AD | Easter Fun with Ultra Dash

We may be at home as only a family of four this Easter, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun. Not only do we have a few things ready to go for the kids, but we were also sent an Ultra Dash to add to our Easter fun.

What is Ultra Dash?

Ultra Dash is a fast-paced fun game suitable for 1+ players. There is 1 tagger and 5 coloured targets included in the box. Watch the colours flash on your tagger and then race to the target as quickly as you can to win the game.

There are three modes to enjoy:

Beat the clock is a simple as it sounds; a race to hit all 5 targets as fast as you can.

The second setting – target tally – allows you to set the timer to any duration then the aim of the game is to find as many targets in that time.

Finally, you have the relay race, where team players take turns with the tagger and race to hit 5 targets each.

We mainly used a combination of beat the clock for our competitive spirit and target tally to really get us moving. It was honestly so much fun and had us all laughing.

Although it states 6+ on the age recommendation, at 5 years old the Bear had a great time playing with this game. Also, given the current restrictions, it’s also a great way to get the kids really moving around in the garden. We even had a great time with Henry playing with it, working on his colours in both English and Welsh!

This is a game you can even have fun playing on your own as you try to beat your own times and records. I won’t lie, this really got mine and the hubbys competitive spirit going as we raced each other. I’m pleased to say that out of the two of us, I won!

An Ultra Dash Egg Hunt

To add a little egg-citement to our Easter egg hunt, I love the idea of building this into our games tomorrow.

The Interplay team shared the game over on their Instagram page, and I have to say it looks like so much fun. I’m hoping there will even be a chocolate egg or two it in for me.

This is an easy way to super size the fun and bring some energy into you egg hunt this Easter.

Don’t have a garden? Well, don’t worry as this is something that would easily adapt inside too. Why not hide a colour in each room and see how long it takes everyone to find it on beat the clock mode.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent the Ultra Dash for the purposes of this review. As always though, all opinions are my own.

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