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Little Live Pets Lil’ Dippers and Lil’ Birds | AD

For some reason the Bear has been after a fish tank for a little while now (as well as a hamster but that’s a story for another day). I won’t lie, I don’t particularly see the attraction and don’t fancy spending a fortune on a tropical tank kit to house the clown fish she desperately wants.

So, when I heard about the new Little Live Pets Lil’ Dippers, then it was me that was excited to take a closer look hoping that it would be the perfect distraction from an entire tropical set up!

Lil’ Dippers

The Lil’ Dippers playset comes complete with tank and accessories along with an exclusive unicorn fish which is only available as part of this playset.

Submerge your pack containing the fish and watch as they magically come to life and swim out of the pack into the tank. I have to admit not only are they cute, but they are actually addictive to watch swim around!

This set includes 1 x unicorn fish, 1 x fish tank, 1 x magnetic fish feeder, 2 x tank accessories and 1 x instruction manual. The Bear couldn’t help adding a few more accessories into the mix though and poured in some glass beads to finish off her set.

The Lil’ Dippers can also be purchased individually and each set comes with its own magnetic feeder and with 3 fish to collect – each with their own unique swim pattern – they are set to really brighten up your tank.

Please note though that the Lil’ Dippers are not designed to stay in water all the time. Not only would it mean your batteries would probably only last a week, but you should take your fish out after play and dry them off ready for the next big swim. You should always make sure you change the water frequently and keep the tank clean.

Lil’ Birds

That’s not all Little Live Pets have new for us this year though, as they have also released season 10 of their Lil’ Birds.

Cuteness overload with fabulous eyelashes and glittery feathers, season 10 Lil’ Birds come with 20 cute bird sounds. That’s not all though as the more you pet it the more your Lil’ Bird will respond to you.

The record and playback functionality to record your own voice and have it played back to you by your Lil’Bird is still there and provided my two with so much fun.

What we thought

We’re huge fans of the Little Live Pets range and both the season 10 Lil’ Birds and the Lil’ Dippers are a great addition to their collection.

The Bear wants to be a vet when she grows up and this kind of imaginative play allows her to fulfil that desire until her heart’s content. Bright, beautiful, and fun and with such a wide range of Little Live Pets available, there is sure to be a pet to suit every child.

DISCLOSURE: we were sent these items from the Little Live Pets range for the purposes of this review. As always though, all opinions are my own.

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