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Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina Review

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The Bear loves to dance. She’s only been dancing for a few months having started both ballet and tap classes just before the summer holidays, but I can already see the positive impact on her confidence. She seems to be thriving under the structure of the lessons and loves learning all the different movements.

So, when the opportunity came up to review the Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina, I immediately knew that this is something that the Bear would love to take a closer look at. I wasn’t wrong.


The Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina really does dance like a real ballerina. Complete with a magical tiara; the ballerina is able to spin, pirouette and kick both forwards and backwards. Easy to push down on, the tiara was great for little hands to operate. She can shuffle along and even perform the spits.

One of the Bears favourite parts was actually her shoes, which are removable. I shouldn’t be surprised over her delight on putting her shoes on in the morning and taking them off at night ready for bed seeing as the favourite part of her own dance uniform is her ballet shoes!

That’s not all though, as the Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina comes with her own music too. Press down on her tummy to see her dress light up and hear beautiful music which the Bear loves dancing along to.


There’s no doubt that the dancing ballerina is lovely. Darcie is so drawn to her big eyes and pretty dress and just can’t stop touching and cuddling her. The music, the lights and the dance moves all makes for a wonderful doll that is as fun as it is beautiful.

I also love how robust she feels. Not flimsy at all, giving me confidence that she is going to hold up to the serious amount of play that I have no doubt that she is going to receive.

I also love the look and feel of this doll. Childlike in both look and shape, there is no doubt that one of the reasons that Darcie loves it so much is that she looks just like her. She sees herself – the little girl who loves ballet – reflected in her dancing ballerina toy.

To be honest, this is actually the only complaint I have: the lack of diversity. A little blonde haired, blue eyed ballerina feels like such a stereotype. I just feel like it would have been nice to have a few other options available, maybe in hair and skin colour options. Children love to see themselves reflected in their toys which is one of the reasons that the Bear loves this so much. Afterall, she too is a little blue eyed, light haired ballerina.
That being said, I do hold my hand up as admit that may be a really unfair criticism. One that I – as an adult – may be projecting onto a toy. Especially considering how much the Bear really does love her ballerina.
Overall, this is a beautiful engaging doll and there is no denying that the Bear has immediately fallen in love with her. It will make a wonderful gift and I have no doubt that any little girl would be estatic to find this under the Christmas tree. Ballerina Dreamer Dancing Ballerina is available from Smyths Toys.

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DISCLOSURE: we were sent the Ballerina Dreamer for the purposes of this review. However – as always – all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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