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Flying High with Owleez

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If you follow the blog then you will have seen that we headed over to Just So festival, joining the owl tribe as we enjoyed the weekend. What we didn’t mention at the time, is that we had a little mascot that joined us too. Let us introduce you to Joolie, the Owleez owl.


Well, I’m pleased you asked!

An Owleez is basically an interactive, flying pet owl. There are a serious amount of flying toys on the market at the moment but what makes the Owleez different is that she needs your help to do it. The more you practice flying together, the better she gets at flying. Afterall, like any little owlet, she needs to learn. And trust me, the noises she makes in the beginning are hiliarious, especially the funny little no when she decides that she won’t be flying afterall.

A word of warning here. The instructions say to ensure she is given enough room to fly and she really does need it. Especially early on while she’s still learning. That adds to how funny the whole process is, but make sure you keep little ones back.

That’s not her only interactive aspect though, as she also responds to you. Keep a close eye on the colour of your Owleez eyes as their colour will not only give you a hint as to her mood, but will also let you know how to make her better. White means she’s ready to play, blue means she’s cold and wants you to hold her forehead and purple means she wants to be moved from side to side to make her sing. There are many more but you get the idea!

I also love that the Owleez is rechargable; such a better option to relying on batteries. When she starts to tire, simply put her in her nest which is a USB charging port and before long she will be ready to play again. Can’t wait?

Then don’t worry as you can continue to play and engage with her while she’s on charge.


We found the flying to be hilarious but where the Owleez really came into its own for us, is how interactive it was. It really brought out the nurturing side of the Bear who loved interacting with her. Always one to love a map, she has been referring to her guide to ensure she is meeting the needs of her Owleez and doing what she needs to make her happy. It’s pretty adorable to see.

And when the battery ran out when stuck in the middle of a field? Well, the Bear just didn’t care and still happily carried her little owl around with her like the wonderful little mama owl she it!

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DISCLOSURE: we were sent an Owleez Owl for the purposes of this review. However – as always – all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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